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Stanley Cup Playoffs - 2014


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Game on, indeed, Greg.  You'll be needing that wine, and lots more watching the Rangers win the next 3.  (Dinny made me say that)


Love playoff hockey. 

Gene-  'nuff said.   ^-^


Sorry Dinny.  The good news is I am due another free wine dinner from my Ranger fan out here.


The Rangers played an awesome game.

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The Rangers actually played several good games.  Just got beat by a team that played a little better and caught a few more breaks, had some good timing, etc.  4 out of 5 games decided by one goal.  What an amazing sport when it's played at such a high level.  

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Yup, the better team won.  Kudos to the Kings.  But not better by as much as the 4-1 series score indicates.  A bounce here and there and that series goes 7.  But the Kings know how to finish and they are relentless and that was the difference.  Rangers were absolutely exhausted by third period of every game.  Still, the Kings didn't lead very often for a team that won 4-1.  But they got the job done when it counted.


NYR will need to learn from this and get a couple of guys who can clog the middle and actually like to play in the dirty areas.  Nash isn't that guy anymore.

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