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Apple Watch

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i dont get it


I will explain. Using only the ten hundred most commonly used words in the English language.


The computer guy who makes the eye phone saw that someone else made a watch 2 years ago. He decided that since this guy did it with crowd money he could do better by not adding anything except a color picture face. After this he used his name to say that his was better. What is funny is that a third guy makes a watch with more things right now!

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As I understand it waterproof doesn't exist in watches.  It is a question of water resistance at a certain atm of pressure.  If the watch can't handle a shower than I don't think I would want to be caught in a downpour while running or hiking.  Considering the importance the health aspects in the marketing of the watch I would imagine the watch will be water resistant.  You may not be able to swim with it but certainly a rain storm should not be a problem.  If not, I would just get a GarminGarmin makes watches with GPS, etc. that are water resistant enough for a pool and others that are not.  The ones that are not, can be used in the rain no problem in my experience.

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I'm happy with my Pebble for a fraction of the cost.  I just wanted notifications without having to pull my phone out of my pocket (when I have my phone in my pocket when I shouldn't at work).  The only additional features I use are audio controls (nice when skiing and my phone is buried deep in pockets below layers) and the Starbucks app, which lets me pay without needing to pull out my wallet or phone.  And truth be told, I could easily live without either of those.

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Somewhat irreverent, but perceptive / amusing comments (and U2 snarks)


Plus Pre emptive use of use of Watch-hole

"The Apple Watch is an interactive stylus with the added benefit of (inevitably) being perceived as a status symbol by the look-at-me hipster-tech crowd. Prepare to be inundated by Watch-holes."

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