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There's a little spring loaded button on the inside of the link that retracts two tiny hooks at the inside edges of the link to release the link (look like a beefed up version of the hooks on the old 30-pin male iPod connector).


I preferred the classic buckle leather, and then the link bracelet second, with the milanese loop third.  Sport band is hard to use, didn't like it.

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Had my try on appointment as well.


First thing, the 42mm is smaller than I thought. See this photo of my wrist next to one of the demo units. Maybe I have big wrists?




I actually really liked the feel of the sport band, at least in the brief minute I tried it. I ordered the stainless with white sport band on launch night and thought at the time that I'd grab another band as a daily driver. Now, I'm not so sure I need a second.


I liked the leather loop, but I'm not sure I "need" it. Even after seeing all of them I don't know which color leather loop I'd get. I'm mean, look at them... they all look good. I'll probably end up getting one at some point, just not right away at the launch. Also, for those of you who are getting the space grey sport I will say that the leather loops all look AMAZING with the space grey watch.




I actually didn't much care for the link bracelet. I knew it would be heavier than the other bands, but the weight difference when its actually on your wrist is quite substantial and is a little too much for me.

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That kickstarter for Click adapter is only $1,300 shy of hitting the final stretch, a free extra set made out of the steel or aluminum.  I wonder if we'll make it in the final 2 hours remaining (Ends at 4PM EST).

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Having backed many kickstarters, I'd suggest that you wait a couple weeks, and the adapters will be available via normal channels.  Or you can invest in Kickstarter now, and get the adapters right after you upgrade to the apple watch 2.0 with a completely new method of attaching bands.

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Although I preferred the 38mm as a shape on my wrist, went back to a second fitting last weekend to check out the 42s display again. Getting old and crossed over to progressive (trifocals) not long ago so always thinking about near/intermediate/far viewing. Anyway, liked the increased font size on the 42 and can't modify my previous order, so I'm way back to June now. Everyone help work out all the bugs before, 'kay? ;)

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