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Group Buy - Überamp + Carbon


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"Description (Gerbers) copper/pcb thicknes": Everything is one channel, and two will be needed for stereo.
As for the KGSShv PSU, only the Single Right Skinny is offered: containing one High Voltage rail and a BIAS supply. Those who needs a full supply will need two of those + the Golden Reference Low Voltage.

  1. Überamp (Uber1 + Uber2) 4oz/2mm
  2. Unbal2bal (Uber3) 3oz/1.6mm
  3. Golden Reference Low Voltage (GoldenReference6) 3oz/1.6mm
  4. Transconductance Amp (CurrentSourceAmp2) 1.6mm/3oz
  5. KGSShv PSU (kgsshvpssicfetsinglenewright), 1.6mm/3oz
  6. KGSShv Carbon Amp (Carbonv6), 1.6mm/3oz
  7. Grounded Grid (.........) , 1.6mm/3oz (as requested by JoeHpj

A spreadsheet here to keep track of everyones orders.
Quotes are from PCBNet, and not yet confirmed but probably close.
The spreadsheet will automatically update the final price based on the total amount.

Shipping is done from MD, US to US/Canada, and Denmark for non-US/Canada.


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Two questions:

1.what's difference between Carbon V5/V6

2.would you please GB Ground Grid as well? PS: I think GB for ground grid DHT will be more convenient for those who want to use EL34 just need to connect the heater point-to-point.


Edit: checked the gerber. seems V6 shrinked a little bit from V5, other identical. 

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...I will go ahead and place the order except for Grounded Grid.and Über unbal2bal.
I have locked the prices (might change a bit when ordering due to some quotes were done for 2oz and not 3oz).

Please do transfer the amount listed in "Price total" to my paypal account: xxx@hotmail,com, putting "Group Buy, Uber" and Head-Case ID into the notes field.
Current Price doesn't include Grounded Grid nor Über unbal2bal.

Shipping will be added later.
I'll update the sheet whenever I have received payment.


The shipping for US/Canada is done from US, Maryland (Thanks to Jay) and for non-US/Canada, from Denmark.

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7 hours ago, mypasswordis said:

Are you grouping these boards for shipping with the attenuator boards for those who ordered both?

Can do if you want, or somebody else wants that - I'll add a cloumn for "Combined Ship w. Dig. Att."

6 hours ago, GeorgeP said:

Pm'd, but thought I would post it here in case others were wondering - is there still time to add one's name to the spreadsheet?

just pm me your order

20 minutes ago, kevin gilmore said:

congo5 wants me to make the output transistor mounting holes an additional .1 inch, so there will be another board rev. board will be .2 inches bigger, so might slightly influence price.

When ever the Gerber is ready please send me a ping. 

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2 minutes ago, samsie said:

I would like to combined shipping with attenuator boards .


I tried the spread sheet.  It cannot be changed.  I guess it is locked

thanks, have checked, the column shouldn't be locked,

have put in your request.


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