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CanLanta 2016 - 5/21/16


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1 hour ago, TMoney said: Is the tube amp the fabled L-3 under a different name?

The fabled L3 is likely going to be called the Apsara. I have built that topology in a power amp before, but the headphone amp has considerable refinements over that circuit (which is lovely nevertheless).

The tube amp I had at the show was the Copenhagen which is a pentode amp. Also lovely - pentodes are underappreciated.

Solid-State Buffer, or just a symbol of convience?

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10 hours ago, purk said:

Buy less tickets the next time around Brent and plan to win 3 out of 4.  The guy who won over $1200 total prize money is now selling the Pico Power for $400 on headfi.   He was super lucky tho.

I thought the guy with the girlfriend won the Pico Power, not the dude who won the 3 out of 4/1200$ of prizes. :( @ selling the Pico Power.

*goes back to listening to HPA-2c*


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On 5/23/2016 at 7:35 AM, MexicanDragon said:

Purk, you're finally embracing my philosophy on meets. Well played :)

Oh, I left something out in my sleep deprived postings. Really had a blast finding a fellow yoyo enthusiast in the hobby. TomB had a couple throws I'd never tried and we got to throw together. I think we generated a little interest in yet another hobby of ours. :)


I was shocked - shocked, I tell you, to find out you throw yo-yo's.  Actually, I'm the one that just throws.  What you do with them is fantastic.  I need lessons from you.

I'm so happy that Doug got to come.  It was pretty hectic getting him in Friday night from the airport and adding the last touches to the equipment.  We were soldering in my Beezar Audio den until about midnight, I think.

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