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Even though I already played up to NG+2 in Dark Souls, I've rolled a new character to have yet another go at it.

Going with a light armor (<25% equip load) dex/pyro build for mobility and quick strikes, and using parry and backstab a lot more often. As opposed to my original run with mostly heavy armor, high vit, str/dex halberd build where I just turtled and poked the enemies from outside their optimal range. This is a lot of fun so far, though it requires staying more alert than with a tankier build.

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Xavier playing Project Cars with HTC Vive, G29, Openwheeler race cockpit on a custom right with i7-6700k with GTX 980ti.

He had fun..


I have an Oculus Rift in the house for a week to compare (but sadly no Openwheeler.)

I can't play tonight, but every other night this week, let's play.



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Uncharted 4


This is what AAA-gaming should be. The graphics and gameplay are fantastic, the story is great, and the game is a wonderful wrap up to one of the best series I've ever played. This game meets or exceeds the lofty expectations we all had for it in every sense.

5/5. If you enjoy story-driven action adventure games this is a must play.


If I had to rank the games in the Uncharted series, this is what I'd have.

1) #2 - Best introductory level in the history of gaming? This is the game that really took the Uncharted story from ho-hum to something so easy to get invested in. The characters and character development is brilliant.

2) #3 - The set-piece moments here were as fun as anything I've ever played. That airplane sequence, that cruise boat sequence!

3) #4 - Being ranked 3rd is only because of how good #2 and #3 were. Just brilliant storytelling here. I didn't love the Henry Avery stuff as much as the main treasure quests in the other games, but again that is more a commentary on how good the other games were than a slight against #4.

4) #1 - It is technically dated and some sequences go on a bit too long. Still, the seeds are there, and there are some great moments like finding the U-Boat. The complete 180 degree gameplay switch at the end of the game was executed perfectly.


Up next is the new Witcher 3 DLC and more Overwatch.

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