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Today I discovered that I could run a virtual big screen display using the aptly named BigScreen. This allows me to run Dirt Rally on a virtual 100" curved screen sitting feet away. While not full the full VR experience (which is coming soon) it is pretty incredible.

After that I have re-configured the rig to sit in the corner of my media room and used a little used guest room tv for the display until I get into the Oculus. This makes just ducking in for a game easier.


More work to be done on the wire management and I need to sell my TrackIR now but overall very pleased.

The only negative I can come up with is the least glare on the Oculus is annoying (Vive is supposed to be better due to different fresnel lenses). It's a minor issue in the racing I've done so far though I'm guessing it is be more annoying in a night rally.

Edit: ran a night rally stage and while present I think it was basically a non issue for gameplay

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