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TKD 4CP-601 & 4CP-2500 4-gang volume pot and PCB GB


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6 minutes ago, mwl168 said:

A few packages including pots and boards have been shipped to US and CA participants.

MLA is waiting for the boards that I ship him about 10 days ago. There was delay on my end on figuring out how many boards to ship to MLA because I was not able to ascertain the country of residence of all the GB participants. 

but I didn't order boards?

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14 hours ago, MLA said:

My bad! I was under the impression everybody ordered boards and never double checked once I got the pots. I see now that of the non-US pot buyers, neither you nor UFN ordered boards. I'll ship to you guys tomorrow.   


Perfectly fine. I was worried that the package had been sent and gone missing, thats all.

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Bummer, you're correct.  The TKD footprint's too small for the mini dynalo board.  

Since there will be no GB for the chassis, may be I'll do a generic eBay chassis and go off-board on the back (IEC, XLR, RCA) and front (TRS/4-xlr, vol, power, se/xlr sel.).  Not pretty but will work.    

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You can probably bend more than once, but take care. Note that I haven't used one of these pots before, so I can't be certain. I would nonetheless plan out how you wanted to do it carefully first. You would probably need to put the pot as far forward as possible and mimic the position of the Alpha pot, so the nut and nose fit thru the front panel in the same position as an Alpha. Looking at a PCB and the one 601 pot I have, it looks doable. Pay attention to the Alpha pinout regarding the loudness tap row, and maybe coat that row's solder pads with something non-conductive to ensure no short to it.

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Just curious as I ordered a std. 4CP-601. I had trouble getting it mounted on the temporary piece of plexiglass I am using until I case the amp (ssdynalo) up. I see from the datasheet that the threaded portion is 6mm.

What was ordered for the extended version of these? Longer threaded nose portion? Longer shaft? Both? Or was extended only available for the CP2511s?

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