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current feedback electrostatic amp

kevin gilmore

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listening / measuring again.

on startup the outputs are positive, which is safe, good.

I added a fan to my heatsink plate, lowered temp = lower bias.

on start bias is ~13ma and climbs as it warms up. if my fan lets it.

which may be why offset is different today. and also running on mains instead of variac.

rails at +-394v, outputs to ground are all positive, 10v  and under.

no adjustment needed here.

I call this a Big Win   :D

Its to cold to feed ducks, glad I made this.




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Bias current seems to have positive correlation with temperature. That means this amp may blow itself without adequate heat sink? Also, the performance will be different in winter or summer.

Please describe the sound.

Anyway, nice job. It's time for some fancy casework.:D

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I'm intrigued by this design. Have to think about how to absolutely minimize chassis size with some small external heatsinks, and maybe use split GRHV PSU boards (not that there's anything wrong with the mini-BH, and it might win out for me in the end).

(Not that I need to make yet another electrostatic amplifier...)

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