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The (Round) Football Thread


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4 hours ago, Hopstretch said:

Germany were very, very fortunate but will not win the World Cup with that laughable defense.

Belgium is my pick on current form. The team is stacked and they finally seem to have both a competent manager and good spirit in the dressing room.

Agreed on both. Belgium also has a great coach (for that team). I like Martínez even though Everton did not seem to.

1 hour ago, Grahame said:


That was a statement game. I think they may have a real coach.

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4 minutes ago, Hopstretch said:

Considerate of the Germans to come up with the word "schadenfreude" to perfectly describe what the rest of the footballing world is feeling right now.



Pure genius. Already translated to my friends.

Let me laugh while I can, ´cause I have a really bad feeling for what to come next.

Do not trust Tite and really hate Neymarketing.

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That´s the plain reality for a lot of footballers, the game as a means to let poverty behind. And for each million dollar baby with happy faces, there is a platitude of struggling young guys being ripped off, with hunger, being foul played, with racism, no means no hopes and no dreams. Sorry, one dream, to succeed, to take care of mom and dad, but most of the time no dad.

I guess basketballers and american footballers have the same agenda. Here, the game is futebol.

That´s the reason I hate some players that act with disdain for the money, the expenses they made, the in your face atitude, being totally disrespectful with the fellow professional inside the four lines. And have all the respect for the ones that have institutes helping their native communities.

If they had succeeded, for each one of them, there are thousands struggling to get their very much deserved check at the end of the month. And, most of the time, they don´t, ´cause there are vultures and scammers all around.

Now, back to the normal program.

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We'll see, Argentina this year wouldn't be making any final, but they're dangerous as is Brazil. If Spain beats Russia, the host, which is never a great idea, anything can happen :rofl:I see Croatia as a solid candidate. Not so sure about Belgium, but I haven't watched a full match of them. The first half of the Belgium vs England was boring as hell, I didn't see anything special that makes me think they're better than Brazil, Uruguay, Croatia or even Spain. 

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35 minutes ago, morphsci said:

Vive la France! To Argentina: Na, Na, Na, Na .... Na, Na, Na, Na ... Hey, Hey, Hey ... Goodbye ? 

This!!!! It was a fun to watch game.

I don't really see England beating any of the S teams, both are great defenders. No idea which of them would win their match.

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I'm really sorry for Portugal. Uruguay doesn't really play, they just defend like rocks with eight players all the time, and send balls to their theatrical Suarez. He should be ashamed, he deserves the Sarah Bernhardt award ? However that's what wins tournaments like this.

Don't be fooled, Cristiano just wanted Cavani to leave the field asap.

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Uruguay were the better team in my opinion. They know who they are and what their plan is -- stay solid at the back, hit back on the counter. The second goal was so well taken. I hope Cavani is fit to play France, but even so think France will be too good for them.

I mean, how do you defend this?

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Godin can defend that, he's really good, fast and effective, he plays with Atlético de Madrid in La Liga. I've seen him doing incredible things. Don't get me wrong, this is about winning matches and that's how the tournament goes, but I like better teams displaying some abilities, dribbling and tactics than just defending and waiting for the rival to make a mistake. Their second goal was good, yet not amazing. Cristiano can do amazing.

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