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Did you read the Amazon reviews?  Apparently anyone can access your speakers by bluetooth.  One person said they were well built and sounded good but he woke up to music blaring one night after his neighbor figured out he could access the speakers.  Funny unless you are the one who is pranked.

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You can't change the PIN?  

KEF is good stuff, I normally would have said that if you are in the market for such a product, buy it.

I'd probably prank entirely differently, if one of my neighbors had a KEF Egg.  I'd probably transmit Testtone, then occasionally overdub subliminal messages, like "Don't vote for Trump, ever again" and "quit breeding" and "get a vasectomy" and "quit beating your wife" and "quit cheating on your husband" and "don't knock gay sex until you've tried it"...

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