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In case this virus lasts a few more years, maybe time for a dedicated virtual concert thread? Besides the wonderful SFJAZZ Fridays at Five and SFOpera's weekend streaming, there's also an interesting Nick Cave show today. 

IDIOT PRAYER: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace 


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Cheers to that!  I've been watching my favourite current band, Al1ce, who resume the second leg of their virtual tour next Wednesday.  Musically, they are so my thing (hard pop). 

Don't worry, I'm not so obsessed that I won't post other things, just had to get a plug in for them.  They've been hosting a bunch of other cool acts, too, over 75% of which were interesting to me enough that I bought their material on Bandcamp.

PS Thanks for the Nick Cave link -- love his stuff.  Definitely watching that.

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Here's a review of last night.

"So this is where we are with live music: a man, a piano and a socially distanced film crew in a space that could feasibly house a commercial aircraft. Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace is technically a concert film, shot last month, though it is also a ticketed event that is being broadcast as if it were live. None of this is what we’re used to – there is no expectant crowd, no light show and not a Bad Seed in sight. Roaring your approval from a sofa clearly isn’t the same as being there. But if this is the gig of the future, Cave is the man to show us how it’s done." 

There was definitely a light show though. It may be because I always respected Cave more than liked him, but coupled with the times we're in, call this a transformative concert for me. I'm now a fan, though his lyrics can still inspire awe and cringing in the same song. He certainly walks the line (and into the light).   

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