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What are you EATING right now?


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I don't have an image but this one is worth a share purely from a curiosity / oddity...  The better half and I went to try a Puerto Rican Chinese restaurant for lunch yesterday.  The place was packed.  Too funny and pretty good.  

I had some sweet spicy chicken dish with mofongo on the side (very garlicky plantain mash dish with pork cracklings in there).  Better half had some tofu dish with tostones (green fried plantains...very garlicky).  They used silken tofu which was different.

Having been born and raised in Miami it actually felt pretty normal being there...LOL


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We went to a Mexican joint last night that's famous for how they cook whole cabrito (baby goat...).  The charro beans are so good here...solid Thai joint in the same strip center (shopping).  Funny story:  this rustic joint...is not much to look at made it to the NY Times top 50 this year....I have no clue, but it is one of many a solid Mexican joint in Houston.

The wifey had an epiphany and we stopped into Diversion for some craft cocktails on the way home.  Always a fun stop if we can sneak in w/o a reservation.  The foamy concoction clearly looks like a tiki drink but crafted with agave spirits so nice and smoky.  The edibles (on the drink tray...LOL) were entertaining and dessert like tasty.




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