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What are you EATING right now?


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You use the verb "making" the same way my sister-in-law uses it for holiday dinners.

For me, unwraping the plastic and warming in the oven is not the same as "making".  But then I am no Jose Andreas.

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I'm driving to my Brother's house for Thanksgiving. My ailing Mother recently moved there to live with him and his wonderful wife. I'm worried this may be her last Thanksgiving and absolutely have to be there.

My Mother is very excited about my visit and has volunteered me to cook Thanksgiving dinner. There is historic reason for her to do so. I cooked Thanksgiving dinner in Texas for almost 20 years. Most years for around 20 people. My Mother tells everyone that I make a better Thanksgiving dinner than she ever did. That's not really true, but I thoroughly enjoy doing it and do a pretty good job of it. I cook my turkey upside down. You don't get the Norman Rockwell photo opportunity, but it is so much juicier and tastier. And I always make my homemade macaroni. I consider it my best dish of all time, and somehow my Brother has never had it. So that'll be fun.

So I actually do make quite a few good dishes. But I fully admit that I can't make a better pumpkin pie than Costco, so I know where to put my efforts and where to offer Costco $7.99 for money well spent.

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