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Darth Beyers.


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They need a couple more years of pronounced hype to reach Darth levels. They do however hold the distinction of being the crappiest, most expensive stock headphone though.

as opposed to the crappiest, most expensive modded phone?

i wonder what that would be?

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They need a couple more years of pronounced hype to reach Darth levels. They do however hold the distinction of being the crappiest, most expensive stock headphone though.

Again it is not a matter of listening recording that you are familiar with or not, you have been listening those recordings for years the wrong way, using conventional headphones, the only way to achieve the speaker like presentation, in front of you, is using the crossfeed or using the S-logic (to a lesser degree) to get a more near-field listening exprience...the rest of headphones offer what was called the blob in the head in more or less degree, i know that we all are used to it, and probably we will not noticed it, but once you use the S-logic, or crossfeed, for some time you will realize what I'm talking about...That has nothing to do with colorations or equalization of the given headphones, they may be colored, or not depending of how can you determine that effect as you will never know how are recording is supposed to sound like, as you didn't do it, nor know how it was done by the person who decided how it is supposed to sound like at that time, but I'm talking only of the presentation...

First of all where did I say that the Ultrasone is the only headphone able to reveal what is buried deep in those pits? I never said that, sorry to water your soup....Please if you are going to go over one of my statements, read it first, and try to understand what was stated before, OK?

First of all I was only talking of the presentation, the soundstage, or whatever you call it, that is the only parameter the S-Logic address, not accuracy, nor neutrality, not timbre, nothing else, soundstage and presentation, in front of you, period....

Those others are simply ghosts that we all follow, and try to make the system we prefer as the best all around, what is IMO another misleading info...Put it simply, I always, if you read my signature, state all my opinions as very personal and subjective, what I like and period, not what you like nor what is supposed to sound like (that was why I stated there, I was sick of mentioning in every single post) Now again we will never know how the material recorded is supposed to sound like, it was degraded by cables, mikes, eqs, human factors, time, everything, so any statement after that is IMO a load of BS.

You can listen the best and more expensive system in the whole green planet, and you will be, regarding accuracy, neutrality, natural sound, and timbre, in the same exact position as listening to the worst, simply the sound recorded differs from reality to a degree that is unknown by you, so to state this is more accurate than this other, is IMO a load of BS, and to pretend to make it sound as the real life sound is a fraud, and you are cheating yourself.

And I'm saying how it is supposed to sound, the way it was recorded, not the way it sounded in front of you live...that result is always a ghost that nobody knows...period...you can mention expensive systems, as you did, I will reserve to mention the ones i ahve heard as it makes no difference at all, as to me is the same crap as to listen to a ipod regarding that issue.

I did not make any blanket statement, I stated that the Ultrasone's given the S-Logic technology, need time to get used to, and are, IMO, among the most natural headphones regarding the presentation out there, what IMO is not a blanket statement at all, I have listened a good amount of headphones, probably headphones that you never dreamed of, and I can tell you that. Now you can believe what you want later on, the only thing I hope is that you will find one that satisfy you, the same way the Editions do it for me, that is all about...period...


Yeah the Edition 9/DT770/Darth Beyer belong on the same crap wagon.

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All of you Ed. 9 haters can go fuck yourselves. Come over and hear them balanced on my SDS-XLR or Beta22 and then tell me they suck so much. They do have a pretty unique sound signature and take some adjustment to get them -- so it is not really viable to swap back and forth -- but they have some positive attributes not easily found in closed cans.


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