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Blu-ray is pretty taxing and it's only been the last generation or so of video cards that even have hd video playback support anything prior to that and it's all on the software decoding and the cpu. The Phenom cpu in that machine certainly has enough power to do software decoding.

Watching a blu-ray on my laptop (8800M GTX), with the video acceleration turned on has about 15-20% cpu usage.

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So I just called the guys at Buy.com goobers because they cancelled my order when they couldn't verify my PayPal address, even though I've had a verified address since like infinity B.C.

I've bought from them before, I just don't think I've used PayPal before. I'll see if I can't buy it again just using a regular credit card, which is how I think I've done it before.

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Does it come in black? (6700, but nowhere near as much disk space nor RAM)

Looks like it has an upgrade to 3GB of ram from 2GB. Plus it offers a better video card than the Dell.

I had to add the videocard, because integrated graphics = fail. The card Dell offered was a low-powered Radeon ATI HD 2600 XT 256MB ($150 add-on). Not the card I would chose, but it has 2 DVI at least. Dual linke DVI, afaik. I'm not planning on gaming much with it, I just want to run 24" or 30" monitors.

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Recently Fry's Electronics has had WD Greenpower (needs 40% less power) 1TB internal for $159. And Newegg has them for $169, which is still a pretty good price.

But the best I've seen elsewhere is here for $139: Centrix-intl.com - Western Digital WD10EACS Wholesale Price, Ships Same Day!

But I don't know anything about the rep of this vendor.

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Seen this computer for $500. Not to bad for someone that wants to replace a computer just to surf the net, do some multimedia and run word processing apps. It doesn't have a great proc or vid card or even Gig Ethernet, but it is does come with a monitor.

Lenovo IdeaCentre K210 Desktop PC LCD Bundle - Intel Pentium Dual Core E2140, 4GB DDR2, 500GB SATA II, DVDRW, Intel GMA3100, Webcam, Veriface, Flash Reader, Vista Home Premium SP1 (T70-2107), 19" LCD at CompUSA.com

Also, thanks to everyone that posts deals here :)


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