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It says Cavalry. Are you sure it's WD?

The price is great, but recent reviews of buy.com have been horrible for some reason:

Buy.com Customer Ratings, Reviews and Prices at ResellerRatings

Not positive, but someone mentioned it in another "Deals" thread, where I first saw the deal. (link)

Calvary does use WD products. I cant say they use them exclusively, that I don't know.

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Tributaries - Silver Series SCV C Component Video Cable-Audio Advisor

I don't know anything about this cable's performance. But I just got a set of 3 and they look nice and appear well made.

They are Tributaries listed priced at $330 for a set of three (originally intended as component video interconnects). Audio Advisor is selling them for $30 + shipping either 1M or 2M lenghts. The wire is silver coated silver. They are described as 75 ohm cable and connector (but there is some controversy about if an RCA can be a true 75 ohm connection.) The cables can also be used as standard audio interconnects. I'll be trying them as interconnects soon.

Perhaps others more knowledgeable in cables can comment on the deal aspect of these. From what I'm finding the wire alone might worth $30.

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I don't have any higher end unblalanced cable to compare these to. But I did listen to Monster Cable Interconnect 400 as well as DIY Mogami quad core 2534. The Tributaries were definitely better than those in a number of ways. So I'm happy with them as interconnects, very especially at $30.

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