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i need ramen!


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every time i think of ramen i remember when i was really fucking broke during my second year of university.

For me it was my second, third and last year of undergrad and my eighteen months of grad school. Saved me a lot of dough better spent on beer.

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not here. UC is basically in a ghetto, and the slum lords tend to charge just slightly less than the ridiculously expensive dorms. :kitty:

Times have changed I guess. Back then, grad school ghetto living cost half of what the "good" near campus apartments cost, but those good neighborhoods were not nearly as exciting as my neighborhood.

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@909. YEH. $10 bucks for a friggin good bowl. The meat there just melts in the mouth. My friend went to Santouka in Shinjuku, at one of the department stores, said it tasted about the same as the one in Costa Mesa mitsuwa. I used to frequent the costa mesa one, back when I still lived in Irvine. Never let me down.

-- am not really a fan of Shinsengumi ramen though. Tastes ok...more for the experience/setting.

I'm also pretty tired of shin ramyun..went through the instant stuff in high school. Have had too much of it. Every now and then...I do have one of the Nissin sukiyaki flavor. It's basically beef flavor...but a bit better.

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Yeah Nongshim Shin Ramyun is a staple as far as package ramen goes... though I can't eat that filth anymore after having spent some time in Japan and pratically eating Ramen every day with some instances of Kokoichi curry...

A good bowl of Tonkotsu broth, great noodles and some excellent tender chashu/stewed pork is one of the best meals imaginable. While locally I both dig Santa Ramen (For the excellent Tonkotsu broth and high level in general) and Ryowa for their corn ramen (While this place doesn't really have the rep or taste of Santa Ramen their noodles are very appealing),, I can sadly at best only rate the finest US ramen a ~6.

The best thing about Japan is the sheer insane density of ramen shops there.. it's like if you turned every coffee shop in america into a ramen place it'd be comparable to that. Literally every 4 minutes any direction by foot you'll run into a place. Even though the Chinese invented the shit... they certainly haven't taken the mastery to the level the Japanese have. Though to be fair their vein of ramen is very different and they have their own myriad masteries... beef noodle for one.

Agh. Long story short. Ramen shop ramen is seriously a good meal and I could live for awhile in Japan eating ramen/curry every day and going to live shows/festivals and buying cds. I did that for awhile in 05 and I want to do it again... sadly I am no longer a student and work :( Maybe if I do business school or something.

Also seafood is filthy and not to be eaten.

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