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Can we have them be a little bit bigger? The difference in niceness between 100 and 80 pixels is quite a lot with minimal additional imposition in screen estate and besides theres all those cheaters (not mentioning grawk) who are haxing in bigger ones anyway!

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You need to try one of those Duggeh, they give you a free t-shirt if you finish everything. Very tasty for what it's worth, but I was only able to eat about three quarters of the burger.


Can't believe I managed to scroll past that. That's madness, what is that a whole dog between a loaf of bread sliced wideways with a qhole sack of spuds?

I could get through a whole bottle of Salad Cream eating that platter.

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Maybe the 150x150 is a bit large, maybe it isn't. But while I'm laying down the whinge for picture sizes, could the profile picture size limit be something like 600x400? :)

Bump for justice!

www.Head-Case.org - View Profile: grawk




I don't get many people stopping by my profile, but I'd like them to maybe go "wtfz" when they do. And 640wtfz is better than 150wtfz.

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