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Mayberry by the Sea 09 aka DanJam 09!


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So, sorry to the Florida crew, but since I got here first, I thought I would start this thread properly :P

Got here last night at 1130 and had a warm welcome by our host Grawk.

Got down to business and broke out the HC Glencairn glasses and toasted to an enjoyable week with some Glenrothes and some Grande Fine Metaxa.

The house is beautiful, all the kids and wives have run out to the beach, while me and Dan are on our computers and listening to the Kill Bill soundtrack.

Should be a fun week coming up!!


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Pre-party is on! Glad to hear you guys are enjoying yourselves.

Just got two pair of universal JH13s (blacklight version....yes....that's what the post-it said), but no tips. I just sent an email to Brittany, and will try to call later, but if you have tips (I don't), bring them.

I will try to remember tips. Not sure how wide the nozzle is.

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Man, this is a lame impressions thread. I don't have room for a real camera and my little pocket one just crapped out. I hope that there are a couple cameras lying around this weekend so we can post moar pics to make the rest of the population way more jealous and sad and resentful. :P

Maybe you should buy Peter a round trip ticket. :D

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