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Mayberry by the Sea 09 aka DanJam 09!


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Man, this is a lame impressions thread. I don't have room for a real camera and my little pocket one just crapped out. I hope that there are a couple cameras lying around this weekend so we can post moar pics to make the rest of the population way more jealous and sad and resentful. :P

You can use my camera as much as you like. The more the better. I'm a shitty photographer anyway. Even forgot to take the damn thing to half the places I've been.

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I listened to the JH13 universals and I am sorry to say that the fanboi/girls are right. They are awesome. I am not happy about this.


I have nto slistened to the jh13 yet but i agree they are fuckin awesome!


Fitz is a fuckin' shill. Just like the rest of them.




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