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Mayberry by the Sea 09 aka DanJam 09!


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Try the JH-93's and you'll never look back.


Yeah but they haven't been seen since last night...

Lies. Apparently.

Awesome is really good in bed.

Lies... So I've heard.

I'm assuming "Awesome" is some GenZ stripper name? :o


Gen Z started in 1995, so that stripper would be 14. Let's not get ahead of ourselves with impressions, fellows.

Lies. So says my lawyer.

fuck you. FUCK. YOU. :( i don't want to buy them. i do kind of need a headphone system again, though... better than the HD-800s?

I can't no matter hard I try bring myself to type the word that sounds like lleyez.

IIRC, boo sold her HD800 after she got her JH-13's. I'm rather tempted as well, but I'd need to get rid of some stuff first.

Yeah but she's mad and sold a K1000 for a volume knob.

You shoud have seen Mias face when that story got told.




No, it was just a deduction since so many things are fucking awesome, and some of them aren't seen for days afterwards.


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