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The Headcase Stax thread


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I'm going to take out the circuit boards and transformers as soon as I can, and replace the cable with a ESP950 extension cable with a WPI plug. Hopefully the headband won't be so bad and actually fit my head... but if it doesn't work, of course I will have to find some other headband to attach. Sigh, always so much work for every headphone I get, I don't know why I put up with it every time.:P

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The hassle is half the fun. It took a long time to refurb the ESP6, first I gutted them completely and installed a Magnavox cable to use them with Stax equipment. It was much later that I moved the internal parts into a separate box after going over them completely.

In other news, I'm now listening to the first of two Lundahl LL1627 based transformer boxes. :) The transformers are setup for a 1:17 ratio and that works just fine with my Gainclone. I'll have to do some more testing with the flea powered stuff though as the other box will be used with only 8W. I'll post pics when I can bring myself to unplug it...

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I could be wrong but I think the ESP6 has a lot of potential (for a closed headphone) once you take out all that junk.


Pretty sure the spike in the HF is caused by reflection of the backwave from all that crap so it should flatten out after taking them out and also applying some backwave sucking material to the nice big cups. But I shouldn't try to make it sound too good or I'll be sad when I blow it up.;D

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Hello guys.

After more than six months lurking around, it is time for my first post, and nothing better than do it in Stax thread, seeking advice for an upgrade.

After a long time with a very simple Stax set I realized electrostatic is the way to go, so I am trying to plan a major upgrade – for my bucket at last.

I own a SR303/SRM212 combo and am planing on an O2mk2 + a proper amp, money as a major limiter, so I thought Woo GES was a good choice.

How does it look to you? Will they rock? Or fusion, or pop or indie? Or should I reach for another set? I dunno about anything better/different from my own setup, cause here there are only a few owners of electros and we never had a chance to meet.

Since I am Brazilian and here we don

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Many thanks!

So, Manaox2 and mypasswordis root. pointed out very incisevily that I am looking in the wrong direction.

But since I am blind, is it possible to go further on the subject? May you show me the light, brothers?

Or "nay" is the answer again?

I need some -adult - education, please. I think I gave away my age, 42, quoting Hall & Oates.

Plain and simple and very, vwey honest: Look, here it is IMPOSSIBLE to listen to quality gears and I am tired of usual BS and expending money in foolish gears. I want O2 because Stax rules - even a simple 303, and I trully think that I can have a hi-fi gear around this hp, but I need some guidance.

Sorry for any misspelling, but here is 10:30pm and we had a bottle of wine and wife and kid are sleeping...


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I want O2 because Stax rules

Didn't you see all the humbly truthful "Sennheiser Rules" posts made by those unfortunately few, but brave and honorable individuals, in this very thread, courageously willing to shout truth and stand up against the hurtful so-called self-proclaimed "Stax Mafia"?

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No, I did not, and forgive me for that. To be very honest, I do have 3 dynamic phones, HD 650, DT 880 600 Ohms and DT 770 at work and love them all.

Nevertheless, Stax rules.;)

At last, brave, honorable, truthful, all of them words resemble Don Quixote fighting windmills, which is a very reasonable language figure in this particular case.

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Whatever rocks your boat, man!

But, in the right context, I meant that only a lunatic would go against a steady and truthful thing like "the best" to withstand no point at all, but to be crazy.:):confused::) On the other hand, to do this must be assured to any and everyone.

Trying to be serious, now, for my liking, rock, fusion, plenty of guitars, well recorded CDs - is there anyone that likes a bad recorded disc? - Stax is a win.

Listen to Derek Trucks, George Benson, Joe Walsh, Transatlantic, O.S.I. in Stax is pure heaven. Agree?!?!

But Porcupine Tree is still better on dynamics, at least on my very humble Stax set.

May I put here a picture of my recent discs, that arrived today?


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