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I have a drinking problem...can't figure out what to drink...

Dusty Chalk

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Why do they say a wine has "...good color"? Will they ever say a wine has "bad color", "mediocre color", or "meh color"? No. Will they say, "the color reminded me of a dead transvestite hooker's lips"* -- again, no.

*I.E. "painted", "a particular shade of red-purple-berry not seen in nature".

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On 8/29/2010 at 11:44 AM, NightWoundsTime said:

Made up a batch of eggnog last night, but won't drink it till December. I did the same last year and it was excellent.


In a one gallon container:


14 egg yolks.

1 cup cane sugar

6 cups milk

1 cup heavy cream

1 750ml bottle of Rebel Yell bourbon

1 cup of Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

1 cup of Rip Van Winkle

2 cups of Appleton Reserve


Yes, the milk curdles and the whole thing is pretty gross for a while but time heals all. By December it will be a thick, creamy, and quite boozy.

Miss you Matt.  I went looking for this today, and figured I'd bump it.  Unfortunately, I am too late for this new years, I think,

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Not sure if this is the correct thread so if not please point me in the appropriate direction.

Well, to keep it simple I drink rum.  Plenty of it.  Mostly on ice, but occasionally I venture out and I've been on a bit of a tiki drink thing during the warmer weather here in Texas.  I came across this cocktail which I found quite nice.

Jamaican Breeze

slice of ginger (I suggest about the size of a nickle and muddling dependent on how much ginger bite one enjoys)

1.5oz of a good quality gold rum (I really like South Bay but may not be easy to find so perhaps a Flor de Cana)

2oz pineapple juice

1/2oz simple syrup (aka gomme syrup for the more refined...)

1 dash angostura bitters

My suggestions:  muddle the ginger is a 1/2oz of the rum you'll use.  Drop that mixture into a shaker with a lot of crushed ice.  Drop in the remaining rum, pineapple juice, simple syrup, and bitters.  Shake vigorously (I suggest 10 seconds and be mean spirited...) and pour over a tumbler of ice.  Viola...  You can adjust the simple syrup, ginger / muddling aggressiveness and rum to your taste.

I found this one quite pleasant.

Happy imbibing....


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3 hours ago, grawk said:

My favorite rum drinks:


rum w/ lime juice, symple syrup and cinnamon

rum w/ pineapple/orange juice and cherry bitters


(in all cases, Smith & Cross or Goslings Gold)

Nice!  The Smith & Cross will definitely put hair on one's chest.  Saw it at the store during my short stint in London (my one expat job that didn't pan out nearly long enough...the roles in developing countries always seemed to last beyond their quoted tenures...LOL).

Gosslings is good.  I used to drink a good bit of Black Seal back in the day and use it where a dark rum is called for (e.g. Planter's Punch).

Mostly I drink South Bay on ice (it's my daily).  Can't beat the value for money....takes a few minutes to relax but it does so very nicely.  The Opthimus I'll quote below is of the same maker.

My favorite rums that are in the house now:  Zafra 21 yr (amazing bang for the buck) and my absolute favorite although it's pricey Zafra 30 yr, Opthimus 25 yr (just the plain not the whiskey barrel aged yada yada others) is likely the second best I've ever had, Flor d Cana 25 yr, Gosslings Old Rum, Cartavio XO (great rum for the money...really needs time to breathe).   I've got several more but that's a nice list IMO.


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