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Sometimes the HD-650's bore me...


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Did you have a specific model in mind?

(Please don't say the 007's...)

SR-X Mk3 pro isn't fun?

On a serious note, I do like the LCD-2, but I guess that wouldn't meet everyone's definition of fun either. Its more of an upgrade to the HD650 IMO.

Grado are the obvious choice it seems to compliment the HD650 in rocking the fuck out. I think the PS-1 would be perfect.

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It sounds like, although not an ideal match on paper, the WA2 will be a pretty solid match with the HE-5LE. I think I'll take the plunge in the next week or so :)

Thaddy, a few months ago I loaned my HE5 w/ the EF5 to Carl S. to test. At the time I also loaned him a Graham Slee Solo SRGII, at the end he like me preferred the HE5 with the Solo SRGII. Talk to Carl and if you are interested I could send you the Solo SRGII for a week so you can hear it with your HE5LE. Cheers.

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No surprise to me that HD650s bore you. Slow headphones bore me as well.

I'd say things that don't bore me are on what I consider to be the faster side of things

AD2000, LCD-2, W5000s (with the right amp.. not sure yours is), k1000, qualias, electrostats

I'm sure the he-5s are also pretty speedy

I'll second this.

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I think you should buy a Grado HF-2.

^ My suggestion as well.

I third this suggestion. While I like the HD600 better than the 650, I can admit the 650 are a bit more fun with rock. However none is a fun can for really fun music. The HF2 are among the few Grados I really like, fun with rock and still "decent" with other styles.

Haven't tried the AD2000 so far. It's possible they're good candidates too.

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