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I'll also get around to doing this maybe tomorrow (think I'm working, so that's when I plan to do it). Need at least 3 just to keep the group in existence..and the 10 for charts I had not read yet.

I also have a previous account, that had alota music scrobbled, but hasn't had a scrobble for a few months-- since I've been using the new account for a bit now. Would it be safe to have my old account join the chart groups too? (It won't try to add in my last week of stats, whenever that week was, right?)

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Hi all. I had meh00 join deepak and grawk's group.

Link to my 00143 Group at Last.fm

In addition, if all you guys need are weekly stats, I can put my older (no longer in use account) into the groups too. It's got alota stuff scrobbled.. but only inthe past. Don't know if that'll all time charts. I'd assume not if the group's are based on time of creation.

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