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The latest beta of audioscrobbler now seems to work. Is iScrobbler better?

I honestly can't say, I've never used audioscrobbler. iScrobbler just adds a new menu in the main menu bar and automatically synchronizes whenever I eject my iPod. If it didn't flash it's icon when it updated I'd hardly know it's there doing it's job. I like software like that.

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Worms? Viruses? Trojan Horses?


I personally don't like those. ;D

Hahaha ;)

In a practical sense those are Windows problems and my Windows computer is a games-only box so is not really on the internet. All my real work happens on Macs. Besides, given how annoying some Windows security software like Zonealarm or Norton is who needs worms, viruses or trojans anyway? ;)

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I wish they could ping iphone listening in real time. Thats why my charts are so small. I listen all day at work on my iphone.

I dunno what OS you use, but I find AudioPod works great for submitting my iPod-listened tracks to last.fm. It's java based, so it should be cross platform. There's an AudioPod+ version as well. The only caveat is that you must submit all your 'Pod (or in your case, 'Pone) tracks before you start listening with your computer based player, or you'll trigger last.fm's spam protection, and it will reject the submissions.

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