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Teflon Stax connector group buy/purchasing

kevin gilmore

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ujamerstand had his university make up some of my version of the stax jacks,

maybe he is willing to sell a few.

I have 3 of the 6 pin teflon versions that i make left, i'm not going to make

any more jacks this year due to lack of time. You could always plug the

center pin with an appropriate teflon rod if you wish.

Someone needs to organize a group buy and find someone in china

to make a large batch of them, with REAL teflon.

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I did one nylon connector (I used the PDF of Dr. Kevin) with a CNC mill that I have in my job to test the final result, but has not been good because the CNC has a mechanical problem on the Y axis sad.png




These are the contacts that I've used in the test connector.



I don't know when my boss can solve the problem on the CNC milling, anyway I have a friend who may be able to do these connectors.

if anyone wants these connectors, I can start a group buy next week.

-- o --


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Rodrigo, if you could mill some more at a cheaper price it'd be great. My cost isn't exactly great because of the shop I used. sad.png

Here is a sign up sheet for my jacks: (Edit: I have no more jacks). I'm going by $1328 / 34 = ~$39 for the jacks and $102 / 34 = $3 for the pins.

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Almost forgot. I've also made some adapter pcbs for the jacks, they are cheap enough that you could just mill a couple for yourself I think.


You can find the gerbers here. Or you could order from batchPCB directly. Thanks to kerry for all the advices on this one. smile.png

Edit: fixed the link.

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Well guys, this is it. I have no more jacks left. I'll let everyone know once the machine shop's bill show up on my credit card. (Pretty sure will occur sometimes next week, since I was told that I would be billed this week.) We'll talk about payment instructions and shipping information after that. In the mean time if anyone have any concerns feel free to contact me.

wink you have PM.

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What is the function of the adapter pcb? It looks like it solders directly to the pins on the connector and allows you to use a screw terminal strip to run the wires from the adapter pcb to your amp output, is that correct?

Edit: Love the sig deepak. Awesome show

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I was checking over the parts today, and I found one part that has a different dimension from the rest. Its circular head is slightly shorter than the rest of the parts, exposing the pins when I insert them. So I am removing it from the batch.

The other 33 parts are all have the same dimensions. :)


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