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    Oh, man. This is the best fuckin' thing you will see all day.
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    Found this burger place. Anyone been? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here's something that has been cooking for a while... what happens when you take some heavily tweaked SR-X Mk3 normal bias drivers, an old SR-303 cable, some earpads from Belarus and a cheap Beyer clone from China? Something that is actually pretty decent... Now the drivers are actually Pro bias if that wasn't clear but this one fun sounding set of headphones. Off the Carbon CC it has that lovely tuneful bass the SR-X Mk3 Pro has but this one has far more body to it. The voices are sublime and have that SR-X quality to them without the over damped nature of the originals. The highs a tad too lively but that will be tweaked in version 2.0. Over all...I'm a happy bunny for spending next to nothing one these... It's fun to play with this stuff and see what comes of it.
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    Thought it might make sense to make a new thread on this so as not to pollute the T2 thread. So this would be limited to the chassis, any potential board run, and any other potential group buys for traffos or transistors (if numbers warrant). I am hoping to move forward by the end of the week. Please keep in mind, if you are in and make your deposit, you are committed and will not back out unless you find someone to take your spot (so if you are not well established, then paypal gift only). Please express interest here or by PM. I have also included a link to the results of the first group buy:
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    a room full of amplifiers?? ask birgir. how about 3600 square feet of amplifiers.
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    In Maryland there isn't a permafrost layer so it's really not thick
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    I expect to now be able to spend significant amounts of time on new designs
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    Jonathan Demme Brilliant director of Stop Making Sense, IIRC
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    As long as it's a supplementary system to your furnace you shouldn't have any problems. They're only good to a little below freezing. As long as you're not getting a goodman it should be reliable.
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    When I was married back in the 90s, we had a house built with a heat pump, and ever since, we jokingly refer to it as a heat suck. I think the ex-wife has since made things better, but we constantly had to raise the temperature a few degrees higher than we actually wanted it, because when it was always on, the evaporative effect had to fight with the heat pump to keep one comfortable. But it was the primary source of heat, so hopefully it will work better for you as a supplement. And hopefully the technology has come a little way since then.
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    Nope, Birgir's gonna start a museum of headphones the manifacturers SHOULD HAVE BUILT.......... His next mission will be to buy back the Orpheus with the 404 Drivers he sold, as an example of what Sennheiser should have done
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    Gas, Narkopop -- pure bliss Bandcamp link
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    Lollers, nothing compares to the last season of Dollhouse.
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    X2 I am stiil pissed the Islanders got beat out by the Maple leafs by 1 point for the last playoff spot.
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    Just watched the pilot. I am smitten. This is fantastic. The story, the layers of reality, the art direction, the music (especially the use of covers, but even the not covers), Syd Barrett (!) as a crazy person...and then, out of nowhere, a dance number. Starting on the second episode, I love the Jean Smart character, and ... Bill Irwin! I love Bill Irwin.
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    Sad that you are more excited about pulling shots than taking them. Damn, we are getting old. That said, I'm jealous I'm not there!
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    Butt finishing, gesha roasting, shots being pulled. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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