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    Almost done casing the Dynahi. The input XLR sockets are temporary, waiting for the Neutrik ones to arrive. Also, cased the dual GRLV PSU which I will be using for both the SUSY Dynahi and balanced CFA. Two Antek 100VA transformers and the GRLVs are set for 30VDC rails.
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    The 1931 really is a great looking watch.
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    Deck Strawberries, Strawberry Sorbet, Crème fraîche.
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    I was listening to Tidal’s Modern Psychedelic playlist, and their track, “Livin’ a Lie” from their album, Seeing Other People , stood out. I need to check them out further. Think I’ll start with that one. Thanks for the indirect rec. In the meantime, been listening to the Tool catalogue. I forgot how annoying their filler / studio wankery can be. Some, deliberately so.
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    RRBC Amaretto Chocolate Mousse (And Russian River Porter)
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    I am building a new PC - does that count?
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    This could be trouble. First results were very promising, if not entirely drinkable. I'll toy with grind just a big more to get a full extraction but tomorrow morning should be fun and interestingly enough, I liked the flavor of the straight latte enough that I don't think I'd add sugar. That's a big change from how I drink straight coffee.
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    Appetizer: Sous-vide ~32 hour ribs, + oven after chilling + finish in cast iron Main: 28oz NY Strip - reverse seared Chef is a bit of a dick, but the food was solid (except for a few bites that were a fatty plasma/liquid ecstasy combo).
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    PEI mussels with white wine and garlic, truffle fries.