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  1. Happy Birthday, you Gen-Y-er, you!!!
  2. If anybody wants a giggle, go read the Beats Music app reviews on the Play Store. Health care.gov meets the final days of Singlepower. Oops.
  3. At least Beats claims they'll still stream at 320 Kbps. But the cringe factor touching an app that says "Beats" Ouch. And then there's the Squeeze box issue. Does anybody know if Spotify is actually delivering the claimed stream rate? They weren't early on.
  4. Those make even Wotans look sensibly compact.
  5. First chili dog? Thank heavens that period of deprivation in your life is over!
  6. Unless they get smart and repeal it in the meantime, that Florida foolishness looms in the future some time. In my case, I think it's 2016. Meanwhile, just like you - - they're so cheap I have a license with a 10 or 12 year old picture. It's not the sunshine state anymore. Now it's the silly state.
  7. Which fits nicely with the common perception that somewhere between 24/96 and 24/192 is where digital "works" . if you postulate that vinyl was evolved until it "worked", it makes a lot of sense. I tend to hold the notion that the same principle applies in photography. 35mm film was accepted because it was the minimum thing that generally "worked". so then you have the very fuzzy task of deciding at what point digital "works". Which certainly wasn't made any easier by the low sighted who claimed that 2MP was all the resolution that the human eye/brain could perceive and what not. It's very sad now to look at photos from that era. We we're a lot luckier in audio because a lot of the mess that was early digital was in the playback, so music from that period turned out to be just degraded, rather than lost altogether.
  8. The Fiio has its own thread. The UI is kinda basic, but it works. With an amp, I like it. I concur with John. The 901 sounds terrific. The AK isn't quite my cup of tea.
  9. That got a ton of coverage in this month's Stereophile. Of course the lead time means it was all written before much happened. They sort of edged up to the real issues without really going there. Sort of props for that. It's more than most services magazines do.
  10. That's cooler than all get out. What are its physical properties? Is it strong?
  11. Good to know. Mine's fine in that regard.
  12. And there's always listening whilst reclining on a pillow. Honestly, I do that. If I didn't, I think the HE-500s would have made my head fall off by now. Planars are heavy.
  13. Get week soon Ken! What's a "high side"? From the sound of it - something to avoid if at all possible....
  14. I find the isolation to be pretty good, about on a par with generic shop ear protectors. On my head. The contact area between my noggin and the top on the band could be a little bigger. (Which I think would happen if the band was a little curvier. ) it's not a big deal though, because the phones are fairly light.
  15. I have a pair of these now. I'm impressed. Timbers are very good, something that mid priced close backs don't usually do for me. Bass is yummy. Resolution is very good across the passband. There's a tiny hint of 10 kHz bump and then drop off, but the treble is really very nice. I'm allergic to brightness and I'm not hearing any. There is a solidity to the soundstage that I really like. I don't hear any ringing or noises at all. Maybe that's a big part of it - blacker background and all that. All around, I'm happy. They are becoming my portable headphones of choice. I wish the headband was arched more. The squared-off business is a mystery to me. Maybe they were going for a certain clamping geometry? Maybe Paul Barton has an outrageously square head? Maybe Tyll knows what's up. Not a deal killer in any case.
  16. Happy Birthday Christmas Birthday guys!!
  17. Merry Christmas to all! (as the time zones roll. It's still merry Christmas Eve for most of us right this second)
  18. Just flipping through it, taking a very very broad brush glance, it seems like his system tracks my preferences, kinda sorta, more or less. Which might suggest that you can successfully quantify your preferences. Our it might be dumb luck. Mystery of the moment, though, is who is the author, and what is the purpose of the PowerPoint? Inquiring minds want to know....
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