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  1. Went for anniversary weekend at a fancy hotel on the beach. It was only 35 blocks away, but it was very 'vacation'.
  2. It's what I think, too. But Doug's opinion is an order of magnitude more likely to be right than mine. I'll order a supply of cable and a fistfull of bananas henceforth.
  3. Apropos of nothing in particular, I was looking at speaker cables on Blue Jeans Cables. They have a four-conductor cable that's more or less a big-ass star quad mic cable. People apparently use it for bi-wiring in a single cable. It's so cheap they practically pay you to take it away. I need a short run of cable to go from the speaker outputs of a little tube amp to a powered subwoofer in my den. It's one of those deals where there's a speaker-level input and a crossover so you can high-pass the output of your amp to the main speakers if you want. I don't have speakers connected there. I just use it to drive the sub. I don't know the z-in, so I don't know how much current would flow in this cable run. Not much, I suspect. The channels are summed at the sub, but in what fashion, I don't know. So, the question is: could I run both channels in a single four-conductor cable without them interfering with each other, giving that only the sum of the low frequencies from the channels counts? If so, it would save a tangle of cabling. If the star-quad-i-ness of the thing actually accomplished something in the way of causing or accepting less interference with the other cables in the rats' nest, that would be cool too.
  4. TMoney - somebody more or less said it, but I'll second the motion. If you decide to go used, look for a car that's been on the lot for 90 days and a fleet manager who will be straight with you. They'll usually dump a vehicle like that for what they have in it. Some fixable cosmetic flaw can be your friend. My Crown Vic had overspray on the paint. I nabbed it for $7500, paid with a bad check, and $125 worth of Homer the detail man's time later I had a car worth at least $5k more than I paid. I've had it for 10 years. (I did ask in advance about the check and I did make it good. "How do you want pay?" "Would a bad check be ok?" "Sure. No worries." Point being that people can be amazingly cool if you're straight up in negotiations and expect the best. [/End feel good message]) Disclaimer - on the other hand, some used car salesmen are irredeemable dicks... Good hunting!
  5. Honestly, I like my KDE desktop way more than either Mac or Win 7 (which actually isn't half bad)
  6. I'm still happy enough with Fedora. They do new versions too often for my taste. (I'm still on FC 17) Systemd may or may not be the crumbling of society, depending on your software politics. (It does work and hasn't caused me any problems.) Pretty much every third party program I've wanted to use has been available as "just works" binaries, which is why I went with it in the first place.
  7. I visited my local recorded music emporium to discover that the new Leonard Cohen on vinyl won't be out until Oct. 7. Seems there is a pressing plant capacity issue, sez the person at the counter. Apparently, this is happening a lot lately. Meanwhile the CD is out and was playing on the overhead when I was in the store.
  8. Curated by a genuine 25 year old. And U2 is going to make a format that's "irresistible" that's going to revitalize the business. It's all getting pretty random.
  9. I have no idea where this should really go... ...Stumbled on this while looking for videos at work. Check the Spotify gag about 30 seconds in. http://landing.newsinc.com/shared/video.html?vcid=26732912&freewheel=91082&sitesection=sunsentinel I think this makes only the second or third time Buzzfeed has made a video that made me smile. So yeah, Buzzfeed sucks. But, you know, a stopped clock, twice a day.......
  10. Amazon informs me that there is a new Leonard Cohen album in the offing - release date to be the 23rd of this month. CDs and vinyl available on Amazon. (I'll see if I can pre-order at radio active though) And what kind of world do we live in when important news is disseminated by a robotic retailer?
  11. Tyll, that's pretty sick. I want one. Next time the neighbor annoys me with show tunes................
  12. Engraved is very sexy. Thanks Todd!
  13. My condolences, Ric. My sister's dog Boyfriend died today, too. It's been a tough week for our furry companions. RIP Miko and Boyfriend.
  14. CarlSeibert

    The Killing

    Anybody else get a strong Michael Connolly vibe from the writing?
  15. Just in case you were in need of such a thing...... This is the greatest thing since deodorizing litter: The Our Pets WonderBowl Selective feeder http://www.amazon.com/OurPets-WonderBowl-Selective-Pet-Feeder/dp/B00C1BYETO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408160857&sr=8-1&keywords=wonder+bowl There, or at drsfosterandsmith.com (from whence I stole the picture) Cat wears an infrared pendant key thingie and his/her private bowl opens just for him or her. We've had two of them - for Enigma and Jazz - for a few months now. And it actually works! Everybody gets their own food. We know who's eating what. Life is good. Donut still has a regular bowl. He was the one who was getting bigger while the girls were getting tinier, so he's not in need of reserved food. I wish the pendant was smaller, but the cats don't seem to mind at all. It took a while to teach Enigma to use it, but she taught Jazz in an afternoon. Battery life on the bowl has been excellent. Battery life on the pendants has been OK, but to be fair, who knows what kind of ratty batteries they sourced as OEM. (our D-cells for the bowl, OEM 2032 for the pendant)
  16. Weirder business models have worked. The entire telecom industry comes to mind. It's a brave, Twitter-y new world. We'll see. By the way, their heavy use of yellow is a point of interest for me. It's a controversial color in my household.......
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