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  1. If I lived in San Francisco I'd become a stripper in a bear bar. I'd make a fortune.
  2. Oh fuck. Shoulda kept my trap shut. But thanks folks, love y'all.
  3. So, a couple of days ago, on my birthday (which I deleted from my profile...ha ha ha ha ha!) I get this box. I knew it was coming 'cuz Kevin G. asked me my for my address but wouldn't tell me what was up. I open it up...and what do I find? This! Nice t-shirt...sadly very appropriate...I laughed long and hard. Been gaining weight, damit. Many of my Hawaiian shirts are not fitting very well. Don't know if Wink actually noticed that or not, but the little dude done me right!!! In the box were numerous Hawaiian shirts, all of which appropriately sized for my ample proportion. Thanks buddy. Been watching down at the Costo for Hawaiian shirts and they haven't been coming up this year. I was wondering what to do...you fixed it good. Thanks mate!!!
  4. ^^^Got contacted by their PR people. I don't know if I'm interested or not.
  5. No shit. I can't wait to do the review (should go up by Friday). It'll cause a stir, I'm going to be very complementary. Then the week after I'll do the Studio2 review....that's not going to go so well for Beats. Put your head on a pillow and the noise canceling circuit goes into a wicked low frequency oscillation. That's what the whole "Do you wear headphones in bed at night" thing was about. 40% of folks listen to headphones in bed more than once a week. They're going to be very disappointed.
  6. Sort of along these lines: I just got the new Beats Solo2 and they are excellent. Yes, excellent. Better than either the Momentum On-Ear or V-Moda XS. This is a headphone that the masses will hear. It's likely to be the best selling headphone above $100. Pono and a Solo2 will sound pretty damned good I'm thinking.
  7. If anyone is interested in writing an article for InnerFidelity that provides an overview of this subject, why someone might want to do it, and provide some resource links, I'd be very interested. Thanks.
  8. I'd be careful of aviation headsets as they are often EQed for speech intelligibility and are somewhat bright. V-Moda has some good cables to adapt to two 3.5mm for computers, and their boom mic is pretty sweet. Sorry, got nothing beyond that.
  9. I think crowd sourcing is a pretty amazing thing. Having been told "no" by banks and bit on the ass hard by venture capitols sharks, I think alternative funding methods are very freeing. 'Course the problem with freedom is all the free-dumb you get along with the good stuff.
  10. Okay, found it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HDZI2rwyHg#t=63
  11. ^^^What the...that doesn't look too smart. What's going on here?
  12. Yup. Not enough good beer, they get pissy.
  13. Beer? Germany? Bah! The Belgians have the best beer.
  14. Got to know your audience.
  15. I hate getting sucked into TV shows...but this one got me. Maybe it was all the tits?
  16. I'm going to write a little blurb about it monday, but from what I heard listening to the developer's conference speech by the guy doing the bit on the lightning/headphone jack, is that future implementations (of a 3.5mm jack-less iPhone) of the lightning connector will automatically route an analog signal to the jack when plugging in a passive headphone.
  17. Hm. Okay. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1979931063/deloop-the-evolution-of-the-headphone-bag?ref=discovery
  18. Hurts to watch, but has its humor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyXhysmMNhE#t=109
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