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  1. Take Al up on his offer and get JH13s. Then you can take the OMGWTFBBQ cable and re-term them for the JH13s to compare. Then you sell the HD650s and sell Al's HD600s with blue dragon cable, and sell the OMGWTFBBQ cable, and there's a good chunk of getting your JH13s. I have a feeling, however, you won't follow my suggestion. **BRENT**
  2. 'Brain Stew (Sessions)' Video - Weezer - AOL Music **BRENT**
  3. Don't tell EVERYONE, dude... now people are going to want them. **BRENT**
  4. MexicanDragon

    Burn Notice

    Same... I'm enjoying White Collar. Though I guess I also liked "Catch Me If You Can". The detective... well... the actor wasn't doing it for me in the first episode, but once they got picked up and into shooting now it seems to work a little better. From what I understand there are already 7 episodes shot, and hope more come. Did anyone else notice that they used the guy who played "Yakavetta" in Boondock Saints as the lead protaganist in Ep 2 (and at least one upcoming episode), and it aired the same week that Boondock Saints 2 came out? I wonder if that was on purpose... **BRENT**
  5. Nothing wrong with that... I thought about that, but unless she can get a ream of 6x4 paper I DOUBT she would want to go that route. She COULD take the paper and cut it in half horizontally and stack until desired height was attained, though I see that as being a little less stable than bound books. Not to mention she probably has a ton of books laying around the house and would not have to take an extra trip to go out for paper. Heh... you KNOW she's got a stash of that layin' around... no need to go out. **BRENT**
  6. I think Vicki is just going to take the "Duggeh" approach and get a stack of books to raise the speakers. Maybe she'll find a good height, and she can just take some black (or leopard print) fabric and cover the books, and BAM, stealthy/free speaker stands that will do the trick until she gets something she's gonna be happy with. **BRENT**
  7. I know you know bout those, V... I just think there's not going to be anything you like. I think you're gonna have to get a tiny amp and mount it under the desk out of sight and get something like the Epos M5. That MAY be an OK size for the desk. If you remember, they're the speakers Fitz brought to DJ. Or, if you wanted to do the amp/small speakers thing I have some old KLH 911B speakers that I bought years ago, let a friend borrow, and just got back. They were a good "bang for buck" speaker. 4 inches higher/2 wider than those A2s, not as pretty, though. A small amp hidden under the desk and it wouldn't look like you had anything there. You said you can't do anything like a mini/micro shelf system, right? I remember Denon put one out a few years back that used small Mission speakers that were very highly thought of. @HPA, I don't think she's reluctant to raising them, I think she just hasn't gotten around to do it yet. I also don't think there is anything she's going to be happy with with her constraints, either. **BRENT**
  8. HeadRoom Speaker Stand Pair - Speaker Parts | HeadRoom Audio ? **BRENT**
  9. Next week, my good man... Next week. Well, next Friday or the following Monday. All I gotta do now is pass a drug test (no worries) and pass a background check (which MAY have already been run). Should get my new badge made up the middle of next week. 29 months and 4 days since my last "real" job. I hate breaking that streak... **BRENT** P.S. Kidding about being sad about breaking that streak. I'm sick of being a bum. P.P.S. Thanks for the kind words, guys.
  10. Ok... time to rearrange the flights so I'll miss you completely. Yeah... sucks I can't make that whole "getting in at noon on friday" thing... stupid job. **BRENT**
  11. You should send the Ayre to Screaming Oranges. That way he will stop bugging people "does the QB-9 sound better than this... does the QB-9 sound better than that? Does the QB-9 make my ass look big?" The answer is probably "Yes", to all of them... but at least he'll stop asking questions. **BRENT**
  12. I seem to have gotten a job offer today... **BRENT** P.S. Get better, Aimless. You're gonna take over my "drama princess" title if you don't simmer down.
  13. Uh oh... SO isn't going to be happy. I TOLD you to get 'em already. BTW, SP... saw yours posted on FB earlier today, dug 'em. **BRENT**
  14. Hey Scott, I just checked on my Android phone and there is an app called "Documents To Go 2.0 Main App". It allows for viewing of Word and Excel files and attachments (doc, docx, xls, xlsx). That app is free, however for 30$ there is a version where you can get viewing for pdf, powerpoint, you can edit and create new files, View and update charts, password protection, etc. I'm kinda wondering how much space will be allowed for programs, and also wondering which processor this has, and if it has a mic. If it has a mic... well... could probably skype. I'd probably keep an eye on xda-developers - Powered by vBulletin if you're interested in hacking this at all. FWIW, it's running a generation behind (1.5) of the OS, with 2.0 around the corner (I'm running 1.6 right now). As long as you can browse with it, it comes with the webkit browser. It should be relatively familiar to everyone with iPhones, Android devices or the Palm Pre (save for multi-touch gestures). **BRENT**
  15. Thanks for the condolences, everyone. It's appreciated. **BRENT**
  16. Interesting. The B&N Nook is running Android 1.5, and says it will work with Android apps as well. I know many will be only usable over wifi, but interesting nonetheless. The ability to "loan" books to friends with BB, iPhone/iPod Touch... This is the first of the e-book readers to really pique my interest. **BRENT**
  17. Sorry to hear, doog. BWHAHAHAHA @fitz (get better though) /me woke up to the phone call that my grandmother passed away this morning at age 77. Went in her sleep. That was the last of my grandparents to go, and the second grandmother in the past 4 months. **BRENT**
  18. Seems to work well while cleaning/unpacking winter clothes/rearranging the closet. **BRENT**
  19. I still have to get my flight, but it should be Friday morning/afternoon -> sunday night/monday morning (whatever's cheapest). I'll take some floorspace, SO... or maybe I'll Rock/Paper/Scissors Scott for the bed. **BRENT**
  20. Dont Flash and Drive Video@@AMEPARAM@@http://embed.break.com/1456358@@AMEPARAM@@1456358 **BRENT**
  21. Hey Vicki. This looks cute. I know the normal one is out of stock everywhere (not out yet?), but the one with bluetooth (50$ more) is in stock in a few places. Soundmatters FOXLMB Portable Stereo Loudspeaker with Bluetooth 2.0 in Portable and Desktop Speakers at JR.com That place has it with free shipping, so in essence it comes out to 38$ more for the bluetooth one over other sites. It says it will ship out Monday. If you didn't know, this model (FoxLMB) will let you play music wirelessly from your iPhone. It also has a built in mic so if you get a phone call you can use it as a voice conferencing/speaker phone setup (or even use it that way in your car, if you wanted). Oh! If you decided you would rather go with the lower model (heh, yeah right), then I recommend getting this one, having it for a month, then take use of their return policy to trade out for the non-bluetooth one. You won't do that, but if someone else was thinking about getting the lesser one... there's an option for you. **BRENT**
  22. I listened to universal JH13s at DJ with a Pico w/dac. It's hard to imagine a better transportable rig than that for ~1600$. I'd be happy with it as a home rig. I have HF-2s, HF-1s, iM716s... I'm a Grado junkie, but I'm wanting to sell my matching pair to get JH13s. As Nate so eloquently buzz-killed, they aren't for everyone. Some can't have that much isolation, some are worried they won't like them/no-to-little resale, some may have itchy reactions to material. There are plenty of reasons to not get them (those above, plus a hefty (for many) entrance fee, but like Tyler mentioned portability is something to not be overlooked. Many think that this is a top tier headphone, or at least knocking at the door. There are few headphones that I've come across that are in the same ballpark, and NONE of these would you want/be able to plug into your iPod at the gym, on the train, in the library, at a coffee shop, etc... and sound brilliant. Best reason to get them, however, is no more headphone hair. **BRENT** Edit: P.S. Has anyone tried or asked about the "Ambient Vent" option for 50$? I mean... may as well get the tricked out version, no?
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