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  1. New job in 1 hour, flight in 12. **BRENT**
  2. Hey... if the bar(s) are beer only, I'll be sober and can drive. **BRENT**
  3. Probably a repost, but something this morning reminded me of this so thought I'd share. **BRENT**
  4. Fay lease koom play ahnn yozs! **BRENT**
  5. All you have to do is buy them for someone... I'm sure they would in return get you a pair as well! Just a thought. **BRENT**
  6. That's a beast, V. Did you get my text? Congrats. **BRENT**
  7. JH13 (That means "Congratulations on waking up alive enough times to reach the 21st anniversary of your birth"... in Mexican). **BRENT**
  8. You know, I was kinda hoping to have a PM saying "JH13s ordered, here's my address for zee Grahdoze". Oh, real quick, does anyone know what they usually sell the cables for separately? **BRENT**
  9. /me slow claps for Dinny. I'm proud of you kids who took the plunge. I was at work, toiling away, hoping to set aside a bit towards the fund, but I did hop on the forum on my phone to see if there was anything going on and saw two new pages of JH 13 goodness. FWIW, now that I have 7.5 hours a day with iM716s, I realized that they are relatively uncomfortable. **BRENT**
  10. I will be at work then... however, if anyone wants hf1/hf2 matching combo for jh13 sale price order me up a pair and I will ship out grados before thanksgiving. **BRENT**
  11. From JH Audio's Facebook page... JH Audio You've heard of Black Friday..just wait until Black Wednesday! Most awesome deal of the year on the JH13 only from 9-11am, 11/25/09. Stay tuned for details! JH Audio | Facebook **BRENT**
  12. I wanted 640s, but I 500s were 2/3rds of the price at 78% of the capacity. I'll probably wind up selling one of the 500s to a friend to offset the $$$, but ripping it out and doubling up in my comp would be nice. I guess I could put the 250 in it now into the portable enclosure? **BRENT** *Edit* You know, if my buddy doesn't want to snag it (or doesn't need it), I may just keep it as my Jesusmas gift from the fam. Could have one external 500 and one internal 500. We shall see. Maybe someone bought extras. I know there were some extra 500s bought here.
  13. Toshiba 500GB USB 2.0 Port External Hard Drive 40$ Toshiba 640GB Toshiba Portable External 60$ Plus tax. Free shipping over 50$ (get 2x500gb drives, give one to a friend as a gift... still comes in 11$ cheaper after tax than just 1 does from amazon). The guys in the chat already bought up half of 'em, so I'd hurry. It's also on slickdeals.net, so I doubt it will last long. It is also confirmed that a 1.99$ 15$ off 75$ coupon from ebay works. **BRENT**
  14. Ok. I'm getting in at 10:11pm on THURSDAY night. I know most are getting in at some point on Friday, but that just wound up not being an option. I have no qualms chilling in the airport til the A.M., but if someone wants to pick me up in the darkness, just lmk. So very excited about this, btw. **BRENT**
  15. First off, Congrats Aimless! Secondly, I started work today. Showed up when I was supposed to, best dressed male in the class (one of two with a tie). Showed initiative, helped out the trainer with powerpoint/training, showed I picked things up quickly. I'm off to a good start. I'm one of two people in the training class that the trainer knows the name off (the other being a reasonably attractive female who you can tell has a dirty side... ). Got some good news at the end of the day as well... HEADPHONES AT WORK! Yeah... day 2 of the fairly-boring-but-it's-a-job-with-potential work and I get to rock the iPod/Pandora/Slacker/whatever. Think I'm going to go download all of the engadget podcasts and geek out. It's been a really good day, I feel great. **BRENT**
  16. Happy B-Day, you brown bastard! **BRENT** P.S. JH|13
  17. Did u listen to the JH5 to see how much better the 13s are? **BRENT**
  18. "Heh heh ha... It's 'The Monkey' in his big green Lucky Charms hat!" - Zoe (I think that means Happy B-day, ol' chum in 7 year-old) **BRENT**
  19. mmmmm.... Andromeda Strain. **BRENT**
  20. :rollseyes: FWIW, that's the number for exactly 8 hours/day w/o overtime, and pre-tax. J-Day is Friday December 4th at 2:24pm if I'm late to MikeFest, Monday December 7th at 2:24pm if I'm on time. **BRENT**
  21. Today I did some math... It's been 903 days or 2 years, 5 months, 19 days or 78,019,200 seconds or 1,300,320 minutes or 21,672 hours or 129 weeks since I was last regularly employed. Today I found out that I get my ID made up on Monday and start work on Tuesday. It's a 2.5 month long project, reasonable pay for the job, good hours (8am-4:30pm... that's considered "normal", right? I worked so many shifts that were all over the clock just to be able to work around other schedules and then on to full-time parent mode, a schedule is just alien to me), and a proper paycheck. I'm excited. Today, so far, has been a good day. **BRENT** P.S. My condolences to those of you who who make unemployed jokes at my expense. You're going to have to broaden your repertoire... or at least wait til February.
  22. Happy B-Day! Enjoy any new: Congrats on your: **BRENT**
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