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  1. Slacker's only 20? So much makes sense now... so much. Happy b-day, bud! **BRENT**
  2. GoGirl Femal Urination Device (FUD) Allows Women to Pee Standing Up $5.99 + Shipping (expires 1/10/10) **BRENT**
  3. FWIW, initial time estimate was 135 hours. /me thinks back to when a certain person asked for a copy of all pics on an external hdd. /me shakes fist at the Scotchman /me waits patiently for the flood of win once captioning starts. /me wonders if Doog has a "black bar" button on PhotoShop. **BRENT**
  4. You know, I'm really wishing someone would post something else in the portable forum so I wouldn't see "JH Audio stuffs" on the main page all the time. I'm finding it hard/annoying to listen to anything else after my time with the unis last weekend. Bah. Really need to find a way... I also need to go find that pic of the light grey ones. And when is someone who's trustworthy gonna get JH5s to compare to their JH13s? I need to know if I should save up or sell. Boys? Girl? (You know who you are, you basterds.) **BRENT**
  5. FIFY Word. Being brown opened the doors to many a taco thanks to Ricky. **BRENT**
  6. Justin's color choice? COLOURlovers :: Color / DBB193 / buff I was thinking about a 75% smoke black with black and/or silver dragons (simple design, it's being worked on). Now I'm thinking something like delphinblau (dolphin gray, BMW and Audi guys know this color). If I wind up with JH5s instead, the magenta/black cable glow ones were hot. Translucent dark gray sounds really good right now, too. Bah... stupid awesome bloody headphones making me want to clear out everything audio wise... **BRENT**
  7. That was a review? I saw it more as a spattering of drunken drivel. As someone who's opinion may or may not be respected I thought people should have a second opinion as to be able to make up their minds concretely and conclusively about things they've never heard tasted. To put it in perspective, this review came from a man who ordered a salad and a pizza at a seafood joint... **BRENT**
  8. <singing> Have I told... you lately... that I hate you? </singing> **BRENT**
  9. Heh... I TOLD you to let me throw 'em on my hdd. I coulda had it done before you got home. **BRENT**
  10. First of all... FUCK YOU! At least I was there and didn't flake like SOME people we know... And second... remember the Ricky Martin craze back in the day? Yeah, brown people could pull just about anyone for a couple years thanks to our friend who was livin' La Vida Loca. **BRENT**
  11. Double ewe tea eff, m8? **BRENT**
  12. I'm a Krispy Kreme fan. I disagree with the host and lean towards the findings of Vicki. These were all hand-made to KK's factory production. I think the OP would find pleasure in visiting a Krispy Kreme. (There was one on the way to the shooting range/possibly airport as well). KK would have a doughnut (as opposed to Dunkin' Donuts' 'donut' spelling) tolerance of roughly 3%, as opposed to the ~25% variance of Britt's. The taste was pretty good, though I still prefer KK. A large problem was these was a grossly inconsistent texture. The aforementioned chewey texture was countered with a spattering of areas that were a bit over done. The variances are deeper than this, but you'l just have to go out and try one or two (dozen) for yourself. The reason I think the OP would enjoy a KK is 1) the consistency of the doughnut and 2) the wide range of flavours (Brrittts' has only glazed, iirc, where KK has a variety closer to that of the amount of cookies Wayne has eaten and compared before. I'd say 6-7/10 tops on the Doughnut-gon scale. **BRENT**
  13. Happy B-Dizzle, my brown beach compatriot. Seriously, shoulda told us. I woulda bought poured you a drink! **BRENT**
  14. 560 miles and just under the daily maximum of energy drinks. **BRENT**
  15. You are all bastards. Or is it "basterds"? Is this an impression thread? Bah... anyways, I hit reply. I didn't have my camera with me, but I have to say, the bathrooms at this meet were the BEST of any meet I have been to. They had lids on the back, such a nice upgrade from the last one. Oh, FWIW, I made it home without dying/wrecking/getting a speeding ticket (unlike some of the reckless of the bunch). FWIW #2, I feel I'm about 40-50% recovered from my hearing loss this past week. FWIW #3, Colin said metal detector guy probably wouldn't be able to pick up my titanium wedding ring, you know, just in case the ocean decided it didn't like things that have touched Mexican food. **BRENT**
  16. I kept thinking it was an orifice that started with a vowel, yet wasn't the eyes... or ears. **BRENT**
  17. Manaox believes he'll remember some of it at least.
  18. We've seen Fitz... we haven't seen pix of your mom. Pix or ban. **BRENT**
  19. When the fuck did I post this? -Fitz on Brent's laptop
  20. Why don't you have plans? **BRENT**
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