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  1. That truly does blow, Mike. Sorry to hear/see. If you need someone to cut 'er for ya, LMK. As a good stereotypical Mexican/southerner, I keep a blade on me... **BRENT**
  2. x2... and I didn't even finish reading it. **BRENT**
  3. Awesome. Thx man. Now, can anyone vouch for Sherwood's ears/tastes? **BRENT**
  4. I think someone said they were using a cable from one of their other lines, so probably the Aviation line which comes with a mic. That should account for the at least 4th wire, no? Also, I'm not sure if there were options other than 48" cable before, but now it seems there is a 64" or 18" option for the pro audio line. Oh! I think I just may have figured out the color I want. Blacklight Black and Yellow with a black dragon as artwork (as long as it's black normally then yellow under blacklight. Have the dragon float over it under light but virtually invisible otherwise). **BRENT**
  5. Sounds very interesting. One thing I'm wondering, though (still?), is has anyone with reasonable ears given the JH5 v JH13 a spin? I figure they have the 5 universals there. But seriously, if they scale well and are THAT good out of an iPod or Pico, I don't even want to think about what Vicki's JH13 rig is going to be **BRENT**
  6. Interesting... is it on the site as an option, or buried somewhere in some HF thread? /me approves. What took you so long? And you don't HAVE to sell your other stuff... the benefits of having extra setups is it gives you something to look at while you're enjoying your JH13s... or conversely, it gives you something to listen to while you look at your JH13s. Oh, wait, you have speakers. Dump it. Quit fighting it, Din-E. **BRENT**
  7. I believe it's still legal to refrain from posting if you're concerned about being discriminated against in a federal hiring situation. **BRENT**
  8. Happy belated. Actually, I think I caught you an hour prior, but belated is more my style. FWIW, I never collected sunglasses, but always invested in them. If things are like they used to be, highly recommend Dragon. I believe they may have started with Oakley backing, and at least used to have their lenses made in the same place, and have ridiculously good optics. I was an early adopter with them and would pick them as my daily over my Oakleys or Ray-Bans at the time. I'm down to Serengeti drivers now... Not bad, have held up well for the past 6 years of daily wear... but I sometimes miss the optics of others. **BRENT**
  9. Maybe if they have something illegal they shouldn't post it? Maybe they should move to a real state? I'm sure if something that would be possibly incriminating or detrimental to one's self or business is put up by someone else then that person could kindly ask a mod (or rudely yell at them, depending on the parties) to strike it from permanent record. FWIW, there are 998 posts in a similar thread in another forum dedicated to headphones. FWIW #2, this wouldn't happen in postjack's forum. **BRENT**
  10. It's good to have friends... BTW, I was out at FYE and saw a large lephrechaunesque hat. I thought immediately of my favorite prehensile-tailed audiophile... **BRENT**
  11. Went to the dentist for the second day in a row. Had some teeth extracted. I feel less wise now. One of them was growing back to front instead of up. Anyone got some soft tacos or soup they wanna send my way? **BRENT**
  12. Al, my good man, thanks for lookin' out for me. I have, however, a replacement on the way. Titanium band found on some shady site... 18.99$ shipped. **BRENT** errr... **JH13s**
  13. /me would like to welcome the iPhone and AT&T to 2002... **BRENT**
  14. Hulu - Community: La Biblioteca Can't remember/not sure if there's a way to embed Hulu clips, but it's worth a click... really diggin' the show. **BRENT**
  15. Yeah, that stuff's no good. I've had moments like that. Glad you made it back safe. Heh. Man, an award is an award, right? Definitely get the pix back... I'm sure you know some way to make it happen. I take it there are a few of your twists, no? I concur. And it's probably because you weren't a teenager in the mid-late 90s. I know, I wrote 'em. **BRENT**
  16. I concur. I'm sure you heard me bemoan over the course of the weekend that that was my first vacation in 8 years, first time to the beach in 12. Indeed! Oh, hey, BTW... wanna buy some grados? Mike and Al are still the cool kids, right? I'm jealous of AtomFest. Especially knowing you were in your bloody Atom while I was in a rental Hyundai Elantra. That drive, though. I wouldn't want to do it. I've never done 26 hours in that time... my best driving effort was 20 in 24, but the last half had a buddy with me. Interestingly, my there-and-back was to Tulsa. Nice meeting you... and we need to get you a CAKE cd, no? **BRENT**
  17. Double Post... one of you guys get rid of it for me? thx **BRENT**
  18. 13 is a good lucky number... but if you want to owe me, say, oh... 1099... that is acceptable. **BRENT** P.S. Seriously, my Grados are for sale, as a set only.
  19. Ok, I just realized that I had never really posted impressions. Let's see: Car Rentals from CarRentals.com - killer car rental deal Enterprise Rentals - great service... after a little hiccup they took care of me. 2009 Hyundai Elantra - A decent little car. XM radio, cold A/C, reasonable gas mileage, soft suspension, touchy brakes. Other than being gold, it's something I could recommend for someone who wanted to keep a car for 7-8 years and have a warranty and never care about resale. Well, someone who didn't care about cars, or handling. It handled highway cruising like a champ, though. Atlanta traffic - Not as bad as could have been Fitz - talkative for two hours, not talkative for next 4 hours, good at trying to figure out which intersection we were at when we about ran out of bloody gas in BFE, SC at 1:30am Colin, Jeff, Jim, Ken - Still awake at 3am when we got in Ari - Sleepy Couch @ the pink house - Comfy Waking up after 4 hours of sleep, randomly, then going outside to see the ocean - cool Wifi - awesome. Got in the chat or on AIM and Dan said to come over, so I did. Dan - Has a bunch of kids Pete - ^ Woman across the street who said a bike rally was coming through - :rollseyes: Breakfast - Rocked, day one. Lunch/Supper - Best BBQ Bacon Cheddar burger I've ever had at an Italian/Seafood place on the Atlantic Ocean. Dinny - looks different from his old avatar, which my kids loved. I didn't tell them otherwise, as they would have been disappointed. He loves his large green hat, though. Mike and Al - Damb dirty hippies Vicki - I drove 700 miles to add "gunrunner" to my resume and all I got to do was shoot a full-house custom for the first time? :rollseyes: JP#s- doesn't care for Papa John's "pizza" Deepak - forgot his prescription pad Doug - has a fine taste in scotch that he brings... has awesome tirade skillz, stole outfits from Tyll. Nate, Gene, Todd, Zach, Tyll, JH, BH, Dusty, Steve - Slackers Matt the Younger - The beer-runner to my gun-runner... a good team. Scott - "Late-To-The-Party" Award winner Papa John's pizza delivery guy - jealous Wayne - probably sucked at qualifying Ted Yost - Helluva gun smith Les Baer - knows what a trigger pull is supposed to feel like Justin - needs a larger head and a louder announcement voice Qik.com - awesome. Let me watch my daughter's soccer game live at 9am while sitting on the porch 560 miles away. Britt's Doughnuts - has been covered elsewhere The breakfast place - Day 2, ran out of biscuits just before we got there... on the bloody day that I wanted biscuits. The breakfast place - Day 3, the table from our crew get biscuits, another table of us got biscuits, people who came in AFTER me got biscuits, I go to order and hear, for the second day in a row "we have everything but biscuits". I want to fly off the handle, my new friends laughing at the situation... grrrr. Much ablige to Al, as he so graciously gave me half of his biscuit. It was enjoyed to the full extent of someone who was pissed off about biscuit availability could enjoy. Bathrooms - Much better than in ATL. Atlantic Ocean - owes me a titanium ring, size 12. Mother fucker. Gear- O2 - really good HD800 - still look like they are on backwards Grados - still gradotastic JH13 + pico - FS: Grado HF-1 + HF-2 #39 matching set. Duggeh approved HF-1s. Will throw in 1 set of flats. PM for details/pics. Les Baer Xtreme Tactical 1911 - My old flame. Still as lovely as ever, now with a new friend to court. Ted Yost Signature Grade Heirloom Precision Browning Hi-Power - Sexy. Ok, going a little deeper, it was really great to meet most everyone for the first time. Some people were new to me, even through forum chatter. Some are old friends I just recently got a chance to meet. Colin, for instance, has been a friend via chat channels for 5-6 years now, we figured. I've been talking to Dan about that long as well. It was GREAT to finally meet you two. I once drove 300 miles round trip to have dinner with Vicki. Driving 1200 miles round trip to hang out for a few more hours was easily worth it. After 1000 miles in the car with Fitz, I realized that Atlanta is the work of the Devil, and that he really is passionate about gear and music, as an introvert who really comes out of the shell when the topics arise. I also had a blast at the trip to the range as I got to spend a solid 1.5 hours in a vehicle with Jeff, Al and Colin. Glad I got to get to know them a little better, though there WAS a certain chat of epic proportions which I somehow missed out on. I had 14 months of anticipation for DanJam, and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. Even though I couldn't hear out of my left ear (hearing loss happened 5 hours before I left for DJ, and cleared up about 2 days after I got home... sucks for an audio event, no?), this was easily top-five most enjoyable weekends of my life. There was such a wonderful mix of people it makes me glad I'm a part of this community. Thank you so much for getting this together, Dan. I am still talking about it to people and expect to for a while to come. **BRENT**
  20. Woot : One Day, One Deal (SM) Woot... Off... **BRENT**
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