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  1. My almost-7-year-old daughter walked by while that picture was up. She stopped in her tracks and said "wow! that's the coolest!", then asked what it was, and who's it was. Daddy needs one now, no? **BRENT**
  2. Talking about my idea? If so, "blacklight black & yellow" under the custom color list. I really wonder if they have pics of a sample of this color yet. I IMAGINE it would be black (or mostly black) under normal light then show up yellow under blacklight. If it's some yellow/black hybrid normally, would it just not be brownish? Eh... I guess as time gets closer I'll have to shoot off an e-mail asking for samples. As far as photographing it, tripod + high ISO + low shutter speed? **BRENT**
  3. Too bad it's not November 7th or so. Flights out of Chattanooga on 11/6 and return on 11/9 are 19$ each way. **BRENT**
  4. /me is not amused. And it was more like 1.25 hours. Yeah... I'm pretty sure I'll be passing on this one. 200$+ to fly, and screw that car rental nonsense. Though I love that I could get flight + car for 4$ cheaper than the flight alone through Priceline.com
  5. Hey Duggeh... LMK a date you're good for another trip and I'll set up MexiCanJam in the greater Chattanooga area. Hmmm... Chicago, eh? That's on I75, right? **BRENT**
  6. That's what I'm thinking, and as someone once told me "OMGWTFBBQ is good enough" (in reference to the JH13s, of course). I just wonder what happens 3 years down the road when say, an armature comes dislodged, or if something goes wrong in 5 years. Is there a stated or implied warranty? As I've said, I'm all for selling my matching #s HF-1/2 combo to get the JH13s... they fit my needs better than anything else out there right now. I think I'd actually listen more if I had them (as long as I still have time to do that). I hardly use my iPod, even at the gym, but I'm at the computer a good bit. HF-2s are a bit cumbersome to listen to sitting on the couch having to use an adapter straight out of the comp, but IEMs are great. I know some people have said they are better than O2s and I know at least one person who's said they prefer them to R10s as well. Eh... I guess I can look at them not being future proof by saying "for now, I have HF-1 and HF-2. There are (to some) better Grados out there, but they go for 4-7 times as much $$$ and they aren't 4-7 times better. I don't NEED them, just kinda want to hear 'em." JH13s are ridiculous. After listening to them, I heard really good headphones and I thought they sounded "meh" at best afterwards. I still can't believe I'm even considering getting these... I hate seeing this thread bumped... Oh well, I'll probably wind up waiting on the CF carrying case. Also, does anyone know how much spare cables are? Say, one 48" and one 64"? **BRENT** P.S. I'd also miss letting the kids listen when they come up and I'm listening to headphones. Being able to let them listen to something I'm enjoying... well... that's fun. Oh well, that's what PX100s are for, right?
  7. Hey guys... just got an e-mail about this, but sadly it's not coming to my local Rave. FWIW, the e-mail presentation was MUCH fancier than the website. Rave Motion Pictures Jazz at Lincoln Center : Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis Thursday, October 15, 8:00PM ALABAMA Montgomery - RMP Festival Plaza 16 ARKANSAS Little Rock - RMP Colonel Glenn 18 CALIFORNIA Brentwood - RDM Brentwood 14 INDIANA Fort Wayne - RMP Jefferson Pointe 18 LOUISIANA Baton Rouge - RMP Mall of Louisiana 15 MICHIGAN Kalamazoo - RMP Cityplace 14 NEBRASKA Omaha - RDM Westroads 14 NEVADA Las Vegas - RDM Town Square 18 OHIO Columbus - RMP Polaris 18 PENNSYLVANIA Center Valley - RMP Promenade 16 TEXAS Fort Worth - RMP Ridgmar 13 Houston - RMP Yorktown 15 **BRENT**
  8. A) true there should be an "undo" option, no? **BRENT**
  9. What about having a Google Doc for it under a Head-Case user name with everyone (or possibly just everyone who wanted it) having the password? [email protected]? I'm sure it's available. It could always be stored/edited/saved there. No way to make it to where someone couldn't just go in and change either someone else's gear or even change the password. Guess it depends on how much people here are trusted. **BRENT**
  10. You know, I may hate you most of all... razzle frazzle. I really want some pink ones. **BRENT**
  11. Or you just fly in and get them to do molds in-house and wait while they do the work... I'm sure they'd set you up a cot. **BRENT**
  12. That truly does blow, Mike. Sorry to hear/see. If you need someone to cut 'er for ya, LMK. As a good stereotypical Mexican/southerner, I keep a blade on me... **BRENT**
  13. x2... and I didn't even finish reading it. **BRENT**
  14. Awesome. Thx man. Now, can anyone vouch for Sherwood's ears/tastes? **BRENT**
  15. I think someone said they were using a cable from one of their other lines, so probably the Aviation line which comes with a mic. That should account for the at least 4th wire, no? Also, I'm not sure if there were options other than 48" cable before, but now it seems there is a 64" or 18" option for the pro audio line. Oh! I think I just may have figured out the color I want. Blacklight Black and Yellow with a black dragon as artwork (as long as it's black normally then yellow under blacklight. Have the dragon float over it under light but virtually invisible otherwise). **BRENT**
  16. Sounds very interesting. One thing I'm wondering, though (still?), is has anyone with reasonable ears given the JH5 v JH13 a spin? I figure they have the 5 universals there. But seriously, if they scale well and are THAT good out of an iPod or Pico, I don't even want to think about what Vicki's JH13 rig is going to be **BRENT**
  17. Interesting... is it on the site as an option, or buried somewhere in some HF thread? /me approves. What took you so long? And you don't HAVE to sell your other stuff... the benefits of having extra setups is it gives you something to look at while you're enjoying your JH13s... or conversely, it gives you something to listen to while you look at your JH13s. Oh, wait, you have speakers. Dump it. Quit fighting it, Din-E. **BRENT**
  18. Happy belated. Actually, I think I caught you an hour prior, but belated is more my style. FWIW, I never collected sunglasses, but always invested in them. If things are like they used to be, highly recommend Dragon. I believe they may have started with Oakley backing, and at least used to have their lenses made in the same place, and have ridiculously good optics. I was an early adopter with them and would pick them as my daily over my Oakleys or Ray-Bans at the time. I'm down to Serengeti drivers now... Not bad, have held up well for the past 6 years of daily wear... but I sometimes miss the optics of others. **BRENT**
  19. It's good to have friends... BTW, I was out at FYE and saw a large lephrechaunesque hat. I thought immediately of my favorite prehensile-tailed audiophile... **BRENT**
  20. Went to the dentist for the second day in a row. Had some teeth extracted. I feel less wise now. One of them was growing back to front instead of up. Anyone got some soft tacos or soup they wanna send my way? **BRENT**
  21. Al, my good man, thanks for lookin' out for me. I have, however, a replacement on the way. Titanium band found on some shady site... 18.99$ shipped. **BRENT** errr... **JH13s**
  22. /me would like to welcome the iPhone and AT&T to 2002... **BRENT**
  23. Hulu - Community: La Biblioteca Can't remember/not sure if there's a way to embed Hulu clips, but it's worth a click... really diggin' the show. **BRENT**
  24. Yeah, that stuff's no good. I've had moments like that. Glad you made it back safe. Heh. Man, an award is an award, right? Definitely get the pix back... I'm sure you know some way to make it happen. I take it there are a few of your twists, no? I concur. And it's probably because you weren't a teenager in the mid-late 90s. I know, I wrote 'em. **BRENT**
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