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  1. You are all bastards. Or is it "basterds"? Is this an impression thread? Bah... anyways, I hit reply. I didn't have my camera with me, but I have to say, the bathrooms at this meet were the BEST of any meet I have been to. They had lids on the back, such a nice upgrade from the last one. Oh, FWIW, I made it home without dying/wrecking/getting a speeding ticket (unlike some of the reckless of the bunch). FWIW #2, I feel I'm about 40-50% recovered from my hearing loss this past week. FWIW #3, Colin said metal detector guy probably wouldn't be able to pick up my titanium wedding ring, you know, just in case the ocean decided it didn't like things that have touched Mexican food. **BRENT**
  2. I kept thinking it was an orifice that started with a vowel, yet wasn't the eyes... or ears. **BRENT**
  3. Manaox believes he'll remember some of it at least.
  4. We've seen Fitz... we haven't seen pix of your mom. Pix or ban. **BRENT**
  5. When the fuck did I post this? -Fitz on Brent's laptop
  6. Why don't you have plans? **BRENT**
  7. or does this site feel dead today? **BRENT**
  8. Deck View. Seriously? Across the street? Grrr... Breakfast View **BRENT**
  9. I got a new car for a few days. I had to explain to my almost-4-year-old that "daddy rented the car, like we rent the movies out of the box. I take it for a few days and then take it back". "Oh!" Then I went to go pick up some dude and then we drove some more. Almost ran out of gas, didn't find the governor on the car yet (maybe in a few days), drank a lot of energy drinks. Wait... it's 5am... too many energy drinks. **BRENT**
  10. I would definitely recommend doing this. They say "If you have a 3G, don't necessarily need to upgrade, but if you're buying a new one, there's no reason not to get the 3G S". You should be within your 14 day (30 in cali) period, I'd say its worth it. I have a friend who went from a 3G to a 3G S and wouldn't stop raving about it. I'd say it'd be worth it once you get more apps and whatnot loaded onto it... you won't notice as much of a lag or hesitation. FWIW, this is coming from a phone junkie who hates iPhones (as phones, though I dig the iPod Touch). **BRENT**
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh_JXJoV2Yo **BRENT**
  12. Marantz DV4003 Progressive Scan DVD Player Black, In Stock at OneCall.com Marantz DV4003 DVD player. 299$ list, 69.99$ + 12$ shipping from an authorized dealer. http://www.onecall.com/ProductDetails.aspx?id=34670 Marantz DV4001 DVD player. 298$ list, 119.99$ + 12$ shipping from an authorized dealer. Marantz has a 3 year warranty and onecall.com is an authorized dealer. FWIW, I think the 4001 looks better, but that's a 50$ judgment call. I bought the 4003 recently but had a bit of trouble with it loading discs for about a month. Now it's perfect (after I called Marantz about warranty repair). Otherwise, Denon 2900s are going for ~125$ or less on craigslist. But an 80$ initial outlay for source opens up a LOT in the way of speakers. Just a thought. **BRENT**
  13. MMmmmmm... blacklight version... mmmmm.... **BRENT** P.S. Check your voice mail!
  14. Best... System... Evah! I have 3. Still have my launch console. It also had the best typing game ever to be created (and INCREDIBLY fun), Typing of the Dead. Happy 10th anniversary, Sega Dreamcast! | Digital City Podcast - CNET Blogs The Typing of the Dead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Shenmue, Soul Caliber, Jet Grind Radio, Hydro Thunder, Star Wars:Episode 1 Racer (or something like that). VMUs! Bloody great system. **BRENT**
  15. Happy B-Day, man. If I run into you this weekend, I'll buy you a drink! **BRENT**
  16. Is there a chance some maggies will be guest speakers? **BRENT** Crap, I just wasted my 200th post on this... bah.
  17. Epic... sorta... **BRENT**
  18. Ditto. A Glencairn of QC from me for another future professional added to the fold. **BRENT**
  19. Video: Mario Kart - The Movie (Trailer) | BuzzCuts | buzzcuts.com **BRENT**
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