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  1. I'm still reading through the backlog of this thread. Frankly amazed at what I've not been seeing. I put two rolls of 24 through the Trip 35. 8 pictures aren't dreadful. I signed up to Flickr as it's what everyone here seems to be using. CNV00003 by Duggeh, on Flickr Do I really need to take up photography which doesn't mean leaving the digital point and shoot on "auto" as a hobby right now? No. But it looks like it's going to happen anyway.
  2. Must maintain. Stiff. Upper. Lip...
  3. I spent today fixing this (fingers crossed): The underexposure preventer wasn't working and the aperture blades were jammed. It was a whore of a job to get it apart and cleaned. It was one of many pieces of photography equipment which belonged to my maternal grandfather (died in the 80s) the rest of it being OM system gear. Most of the stuff is basically NIB and only turned up recently because my grandmothers house has been slowly cleared out after her death. I havent taken a photo on 35mm film in years before today and even when I did as a kid it was using disposable cameras (I wasn't allowed to use dads OM-1). I'm keen to see if this wee Trip 35 can take a half decent photo so I slapped a roll of Fuji Superia 400 in it. Cute little thing, and no need for batteries!
  4. Hippitty Burpdai Colin! Have a magnificent day!
  5. Hippitty Burpdai Steve Dear Boy! Keep being awesome for another year! (you're so good at it after all)
  6. Do I spy an air motion transformer?
  7. Hitomi Tanaka. Gods gift to the gif.
  8. Hippitty Burpdai Mike Old Fruit!
  9. Dearest creature in creation, Study English pronunciation... Wonderful. Beautiful. Superlative. My full applause I with gusto give.
  10. Kale chips indeed. They will be activated soon. I loved the chicharrones. Like the magnificent delicious offspring of quavers and pork scratchings. With chilli!
  11. I can offer no insight into decorating. My taste is for wall to wall carpets and chintz furniture.... Today, Hurricane Bawbag returned, and blew down our summerhouse. I got most of the beer out. But after that there was no time to save the orphans.
  12. Belated Hippitty Burpdaiz Jacob!
  13. A little late to the photoparty but here we are. San Fransnackso! Thank you Al! Out of frame is the TCHO drinking chocolate (which was already in the kitchen). Corking music on that CD and mmm nom from the Cowgirl Chocolate. The Chicarrones will be activated tomorrow!
  14. Remove the USB wire entirely from the headphones. Replace it with a proper headphone wire. Plug the new wire into your soundcard.
  15. Duggeh

    Merry Christmas

    A very very merry christmas to you all. I hope that you each have a superb day in every way.
  16. Water. I've had a very light christmas eve at the pub this year. My brother can't even stand up.
  17. Mince pies are better without HP in my experience. And Al is best spared Marmite and Fishermans Friends. Merry Chrimbo All!
  18. My sympathies to you and your family Mike. Take care.
  19. My sympathies for you and your family Chris.
  20. Static shock yes. Shorting something out, maybe not? I also wore the SR-001 in heavy rain and they didn't suffer.
  21. I absolutely loved that video and the music. Thank you for posting it.
  22. As someone more in the wet, I've worn my Etys in driving solid horizontal rain and never had a shock from them.
  23. Hippitty Burpdai Other Douglas!
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