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  1. Al you got home from work just before I got up. Glendronach 1972 37 year old single cask. This is superb. Chaser will be a FFF/Brewdog - Bitch Please Tonight is a good night.
  2. Glendronach 1993 17 year old. Celebrating breaking 180lbs. It's a teense hot for my preference without a drip of water. But very enjoyable all the same.
  3. One should never ship alcohol. Not when with the easy drop of one consonant one may sip it instead.
  4. That was the reason for the Lambda Pro wasnt it?
  5. If a bottle of beer is at just the right super coldness and you open it the release of energy from the liquid as the pressure drops raises the freezing point and the liquid turns to a sort of solid slurry. Something like that. Anyway that looks like it happened by itself, or that a cap was put on top of a carved piece of ice, given how smooth the edges are and how level it is.
  6. Quad started making dynamic speakers on a large scale after the takeover. I would bet that they now form the bulk of all revenue for the brand. It's telling that theres no 140watt+ current dumping power amp in the new Elite range.
  7. Precide will probably sell you a Hirchmann socket although they might gouge you for it. Elsewise you could buy an AMT notch filter box or throw away the Hirshmann and use a 6 pin xlr or something. Not 5, in case someone tries to plug their HE Jade in of course...
  8. Haven't had any Floats now for a long while. I'll get another pair someday. I forget the girls name, she was the younger cousin of a flatmate I had at university. I used to wear loud shirts all the time back then, the other guy is my younger brother, and theres a rubber glove on his hand because in the original the guy has some kind of glove on, and theres a VCR for the same parodic reason.
  9. 32 centigrade is big heat as far as I'm concerned. In the UK we have a bizzare mix of metric and imperial. As far as the use of stone goes, people use that these days only for bodyweight (presumeably because you weight less stone than pounds, making you lighter?). Almost everything else these days is in Kilograms. Beer and milk come in pints (and our pint is bigger than your pint) and fractions of pints, everything else comes in litres and millilitres. As for the weather? For joe public over say 35 or 40 years old, cold temps are in centigrade/celcius. Right now its between minus 1 and +1 degrees C but summer temps are in fahrenheit. On the TV and in the papers its always in Centigrade, being younger, I actually have no idea whatever how hot or cold a fahrenheit is and the conversion is not one that's easy to do in your head, if you can remember it. It'd be simpler if I didn't even bother with the stone count when I post here, but I like to be redundant. Larry: 2lbs a week is what I aim for. But I don't have your lung problems. I'm sure your doctor will keep you right.
  10. Well done lod! 2 & 1/3 stone in 6 weeks is intuitively a bit too fast to be healthy. However I don't begrudge you you sense of achievement if you've worked hard at the diet and cardio. It really can feel great to see the numbers go down on the scale. Just watch yourself and don't try to punch through the remaining weight with speed the aim. If anything you might end up giving yourself slack skin, plus theres the weight bounce-back. I'm now down from 18 stone 9lbs (261 lbs) to 13 stone 3lbs (185 lbs), the wardrobe issues i can relate to. Look at it as an oppertunity to buy some of those nice shirts they don't make in the XL+ range. Best of luck with the next 28lbs.
  11. Hippitty Burpdai Squire! I hope that there is an surplus of cake for you.
  12. Late night Vodka and Canada Dry. Woudl be better if it had more gin and tonic and less vodka and ginger.
  13. Hippitty Burpdai Tom old fruit! Enjoy that JH-Audio gear!
  14. Is anyone still playing with cassette tapes? I'm listening to one just now on a WM-DD33 walkman. Aside from the fact that it's got a faulty Dolby circuit and is going back to the seller for a refund, it's a hissy little delight.
  15. Glad not to be that fat anymore. Still a Jecklin shaped hole in my life. Bought DR-150s instead. Cost less than €1000 too.
  16. Just spent an evening at the Lundin Links ale festival 2011. God what a depressing pile of crap. And the beer was at the very best. Middlingly poor. These people need me.
  17. Mmmm, delicious sanctimony. I'm going to have mine with fries then play in the play pen.
  18. I assume thats the florida coast through the cloud, making that a shuttle launch. ^ I managed to post my train of thought backwards there.
  19. That's a hell of a box set, Yikes. I seem to have just bought a WM-DD33
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