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  1. I miss those two. Anyone heard from StevieO these days?
  2. Pretty sick of them myself. First the HEK V2 and now this.
  3. Yes, they can be repaired. I did the exact same thing a few years back and my left earpiece met the tile floor at Office Depot. Same symptoms and all they had to do was either replace the woofer or tweeter. If you have the older JH13pro, maybe it is time to get an upgrade to the Freqphase model while at the repair shop. The bad thing is the down time. It took mine couple of weeks if not three. The repair was under $200 for me...can't remember about the cost of the upgrade.
  4. They are more fragile than you think but then again I still love mine.
  5. Best of luck tomorrow. Hoping for a good outcome and have a fast recovery.
  6. This is shaping up to be a great get together. I would really like to meet everyone finally.
  7. Have a great birthday Gene! We do miss you around here.
  8. Glad that your kids are okay Brent. Being a dad myself I can't stand to read the news. It appears that the bus driver was speeding. I hope for a successful and speedy recovery to those young ones who had sustained injuries.
  9. @Donkey, Those posts are offensive dude...remove it.
  10. Yup, she is an inspiration to many.
  11. This. Like many of you, I'm hoping and wishing for the best from him.
  12. I'm sure the HD6xx will be available again. So much demand, why not?
  13. Trust me I'm an electrostatic guy all the way and would take my Lambda Pro over them too sound wise. I just don't think they were Darth Beyer bad. BTW, they are not bad value given how collectible they are. They are worth between $4000 to $5000 easy on Yahoo Japan.
  14. The bass was excessive but no way as bad as those Darth Beyers. Plus, they sound more or less the same as PS-1 but the L3000 has much better craftsmanship. At one point in time here, the L3000 was considered as a dynamic version of the SR007.
  15. I miss the L3000. Mulveling has mine now. They are a work of art. I also miss my W2002...those wood cups were gorgeous. Oh...I managed to get one of those Massdrop Senn HD-6xx. Spent 20 mins trying.
  16. Seriously awesome there! Those DSHA-3s gotta sound great!
  17. I think they are the rarest of any Grado beside that "free-style" system. Should be able to bring in $3K to 4k. I remember John Grado was listing them on ebay at $3500 couple of years back and he sold like five or six pairs of them. I would rather keep the L3000 instead of the PS-1 however.
  18. Hi Sam, I have MK1 and not MK2. Don't get me wrong...I absolutely love the sound of the pairing but I also notice that the sub-bass was just a touch strong for me in some recording. This is really not a big issue but just something that I notice. Same source but likely not the same cables however. I love the KGSSHV carbon. Its a stellar amp and I do enjoy both the SR009 & SR007.
  19. and he *used* to run the office.
  20. One of my co-worker is a big fan of one candidate. However, he absolute refuse to go vote because he believes that the election is rigged due to voter fraud. I couldn't understand the guy for not wanting to cast his vote. I would have if I have the right to do so.
  21. His is the KGSS reviewer edition I believe. I am with John here that you really need the KGSSHV at a minimum to show case what the SR007 can really do. My KGSSHV Carbon recently came back from the GRLV upgrade and both the SR009 & SR007 were so great out of it. The SR007 almost has too much bass out of the the Carbon..still a sublime listening experience.
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