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  1. I can't vote but this election has been a crazy. 3.5 more years before I can sit on my citizenship test. Took me almost 10 years to get my greencard through work authorization.
  2. Tom, I think you will enjoy it much more and I would not bother with the cable upgrade either. The stock cable is already very stellar by itself. I have the moon-audio silver dragon and prefer their new stock cable. Yup, I do aware with the V3 & V4 jokes and I was saying that earlier too. Though I doubt that they will need to release any additional revision now in the next two years. This is a really good sounding headphones now with very little to fault. The V1 will always leave a sour taste in my mount but I have to say that I couldn't stop listening to the V2 since it came in yesterday.
  3. My HEK V2 just came in yesterday and so far this is a nicer sounding headphones than the V1. Better bass and very smooth presentation. Soundstage is no longer diffused and fit & finish is much better as well as better wearing comfort. I like it better than my trusty HD800 and the Elear that I auditioned recently. I do like the Elear a great deal but its lack soundstage wide & depth got to me. The V2 is a very enjoyable headphones and it sounds marvelously good out of Doug's ECP DSHA-2 prototype.
  4. Go with the JH13pro and be forever happy!
  5. Waiting to see the new ECP line up!
  6. purk

    Animal lovers

    She isn't for any animal welfare. I think that title is deserved. What a cold cold person.
  7. purk

    Animal lovers

    That's just pure sad!
  8. Happy Birthday, Dusty!
  9. Actually it does make a difference for me but then again I don't expect any of u guys to believe me either. I was in that camp once too. If you guys ever curious about comparing these USB cables that I have, just come by and I will have the DIY T2, SR009, SR007, and Orpheus to welcome you. Also it didn't cost me any more than $160 to find out and having the Walkman as digital transport really make the comparison pretty easy for me.
  10. Have a great birthday Peter!
  11. Yes, I agree with this in a stock form....but I did improve it with some DIY USB cable and I can easily can live with it now. In this case, it is true that YMMV.
  12. I don't think it works well with the BHSE/009 system due to the three having slightly brighter tonal balanced by themselves. Plus I use an upgraded DIY USB cable on mine and it did a world of good on the Oppo HA-1.
  13. Speaking of a really good value for the money, a used Oppo HA-1 is very tough to beat.
  14. Have a great birthday! We miss you!
  15. I'm Thai and I appreciate your condolence very very much. He was truly a great king...someone who I greatly revered. I'm now even more worried about what to come next as most Thais don't share the same level of respect toward the crown Prince.
  16. The one that I heard at Canlanta was super inefficient. I nearly hit 3 o'cock just to get to a good listening level. Tom Hankins recently heard it at the RMAF and he thinks the world of the Ether Stats. Maybe Dan has improved it since then.
  17. Wonder if there is any improvement over the 1st version? I always thought that the original zolt can swing plenty of dynamics.
  18. I had similar experience as well.
  19. Now you are crossing the line.
  20. I would say the Qualia, R10, and properly amp HD800 and hopefully the Utopia. I wish I can audition the Utopia locally here in GA. In most rig, the HD800 just sound a bit too thin next to the Elear and most people will easily pick the Elear. I was lucky enough to own Doug's DSHA-0 and this amp really a perfect match to the HD800...help to propel it over the Elear for me.
  21. I find the HA-1 lineout to be a tad grainny to my ears Todd. However, I did improve the sound to a degree with a good DIY USB cable. I know some people do not believe in them but it was immediately audible to me. So I really enjoy the HA-1 now and it currently serves as my office rig.
  22. I'm more excited about their Sonica DAC with ESS9038 on-board.
  23. Have a great birthday Wayne!
  24. I don't have the Utopia but do have the Elear on loan. This is a crazy good headphones for rock & roll. Very dynamics, punchy, and powerful. Not the last word on soundstage, transparent, resolving ability. They do a lot right and very little wrong. In a stock form, the bass is a tad much for me but that got tighten a bit after a moon audio silver dragon upgrade. The Elear, to me, is quite a bargain at under grand. I tried them with number of amps including the ECP DSHA-2, Oppo HA-1 and it sounded best out of the SuSy Dynahi for sure.
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