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  1. Congrats on your retirement KG! I wish I could retire in 15 years too.
  2. If he asked me I would. Justin asked me to contact John for him so I did.
  3. Very nice! I talked to John Morrison and reserved two tables for Justin.
  4. Interesting indeed. Still a welcomed news to have.
  5. I would get something in a $350 range with an i3 processor and 4GB of ram at the minimum. I own one of those newer Celeron and it is slow.
  6. Good job Vince!! Big congrats to you!
  7. So when I can read this on headfi, Birgir? Hurry up ...it is already Sunday here in Atalanta, GA.
  8. Nice one Todd. The DSHA-3 with lower output impedance should be a great match to the Utopia.
  9. So who else will join us? I will bring my ECP L3.
  10. Can you get Dan to send one of the prototype to the May 7th ATL meet? I can supply the amp.
  11. Although it had a lot of power on tap but the sound was not transparent when I heard it. Still, can we get anything better commercially at that same price bracket?
  12. Well, we did eat at a nice Brazilian steak house in Buckhead area. I can't confirm nor deny of what Justin and Brent attended afterward. Though I did made a few suggestions.
  13. Really though it is about impedance issues on the Utopia. I was having similar problems with the ECP-L3 and Utopia combo but absolutely loving it with the Dynahi, GSX, and DSHA-2. Ultimately, the smallish soundstage may lead to me selling it.
  14. I think the Utopia needs a low output impedance amplifier to work best. Doug actually informed me that it has a poor damping factor and I totally agreed. Out of my L3 (high output impedance amp), the Utopia's bass is all over the place while the Utopia becomes a TOTL headphones out of my DSHA-0/2 and Headamp GSX as well as the SuSy Dynahi. You should try to the Utopia out of a portable source and you may like it even more. I personally find the Utopia's small and compact soundstage its biggest weakness. Otherwise, I find them quite awesome.
  15. Superb Justin!!! Brazilian steakhouse again?
  16. Happy belated birthday to my good buddy Mike! Wishing you plenty of great times with tunes, gears and lucks with the lady.
  17. Yup, that's why I dig the Utopia as well.
  18. purk

    March Madness

    I was cheering for MSU to win and they sure did deliver big time. Very thrilling toward the end. UConn made bad play toward end with leaving too much time on the clock.
  19. Have a great birthday Doug! Thanks for bringing us great great amps.
  20. Sam, I love Surface Pro. Have the Surface pro 2 with 512GB of SSD. You can get less than $500 these days in a second hand market or a refurbished one. I prefer Win7 but Win10 isn't that bad IMO.
  21. Definitely an RK50, I did check with the guy and that was a typo buy the seller. He did sell it for that price.
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