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  1. I was just listening to Melisa and Mountain Jam on my drive to Florida earlier today. RIP Gregg...you are truly transcendence.
  2. You won't get a balanced drive from the PHA-3 unless u do a digital input because there is no phase splitter to convert SE to Balanced signal. Still You may find the PHA-3 a tad dark but it is very refined. I think the Pico Power is a better match tonal wise with the stock Z7 but the PHA-3 should impress u as long as use balanced output.
  3. That is correct on the PHA-3. Have you tried the PHA-3 in balanced? You can take an advantage of direct digital connection if you buy the ZX100. I find the PHA-3 in balanced to be quite a good performer.
  4. I agree in on the amps. The Mjolnir 1 was bassy and lack depth cues. The Yggy has proven to be a very strong contender. It sounds noticeably better than M51, Oppo HA-1 & 105, and all of my modified SACD players that I have on hand. For hi-rez PCMs playback, it surpassed the new Matrix X-Sabre Pro but loose out on a native DSD playback on the Matrix DAC.
  5. I still say go for a used Walkman ZX100 and then add Sony PHA-2A to it...and run your Z7 balanced.
  6. Are u trying to drive difficult phones or your Z7? If you need something with more power, I recommend the X5 Gen 3. Otherwise, I would get the ZX100 used.
  7. Have a great Birthday, Brent!
  8. purk

    HC NBA Ballers

    Well he has to beat a better team first. Eastern conference has been a cake walk for him. If he can sweep the Warriors then yes.
  9. purk

    HC NBA Ballers

    I feel bad for Spurs. Without Parker and Leonard, they stand no chance against the Warriors. Can't wait until the Final!
  10. purk

    HC NBA Ballers

    Undersized guard against the King....that's just rough. Sorry guys, but Lebron will cake walk to the Final just like the last 7 years.
  11. Thanks again John and every AVCOA member for hosting events. Thanks for the free snack and beverage too!
  12. I had the Ether Stax hooked up to my KGST (well it actually belong to Muveling) for the whole event but I didn't get a chance to listen to it. I know Matt spent a good bit of time comparing them to the SR009 on Justin's BHSE....so maybe he will share his thoughts. Most people I talked to at my table actually prefer the SR007 more than the Ether Stats. The room was loud though.
  13. Happy birthday Shelly. From the children of May 7 to May 8!
  14. Sadly I didn't. I was going to listen at the end of the meet but didn't realize that Matt was heading out early...so yup....I supplied the amp and didnt get any head time. Many people did listen however so maybe they will post some impressions. Matt also was ABing the Ether Stats against the SR009 at Justin's table toward the end of the meet. Maybe he could share his thought. My sr009 headband slider thing broke at the beginning of the meet so only the SR007 and Ether Stats were available at my station.
  15. Simply the most beautiful amp I have ever seen.
  16. Had a great time! Nice to finally meet Collin. Justin and Brent were awesome as always. Doug's T5 was excellent and on the same level as my L3. I had no time to listen to Mr. Speaker Ether Stats. We went to Brazilian steakhouse yet again. Matt missed out on a great meal unfortunately.
  17. I'm going bring Wachara's Orpheus Clone to the meet as well.
  18. Mulveling actually bought most of my stats amps.
  19. I will bring along Chinsettawong's HE90 clone to the meet as well.
  20. The loaner Matrix X-Sabre Pro for the Atlanta Meet is quite good sounding too. They did a much better job compared to the original ESS9018 X-Sabre DAC. Definitely prefer it to the M51 and Oppo 105 that I used to have.
  21. I can bring the L3 instead of the Dynalo MKII as well...but Tom will bring the T5 to the meet so I may still bring it.
  22. I plan to bring the followings:Source:Matrix X-Sabre Pro (ESS 9038) - Thanks Arthur Power & Matrix AudioSony NW-WM1ZSony NW-ZX2Amps:KGSTLake People RS8i (thanks Arthur!)Violetric V280 (thanks Arthur!)Dynalo MKIISony TA-ZH1ESHeadphones:Sennheiser HD-800Stax SR-009/007Sony MDR-Z1RFocal Utopia
  23. When are you coming in Justin? How about you, Brent? Collins?
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