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  1. I had more or less gotten out of the cable game the past few years, as it didn't seem to me to be a cost effective area to get into. I am using old interconnects... Audioquest Turquoise mainly, though I have a couple of pairs of AQ Ruby and 2 pairs of HGA Super Silvers (their first IC) which I am not currently using. I started toying with perhaps looking at something more modern... Grovers maybe? It could be DIY also... VH Audio Silver (but these appear to run ~$120 for a 1M pair, and up depending upon RCA chosen). If I went into this, it would have to be something inexpensive (<$100 per 1M pair preferred... I know that will elicit some ). I noticed a pair of Grover S cables on HF that I am contemplating buying (there were a pair of UR5s also, but these seem to have fallen out of favor?). Any comments, recommendations, etc. would be appreciated.
  2. Let me know how you like that as I am thinking of buying the same one...
  3. That is a beautiful deck... what is it?
  4. I'm not sure why the Predator has both 60 and 120Hz residuals. The Predator's graphs don't look that bad on their own (other than the crosstalk one which is really bad). It's when you see the Pico's superimposed that it starts to look bad. I always wanted to know what causes this (for the Predator... this is the IMD graph... all the squiggly crap). Intuition tells me this is the rails being modulated...: [img width=150 height=93 alt=imd1]http://www.head-case.org/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=1279&g2_serialNumber=2&g2_GALLERYSID=3b85edc3f3e17fc5e8b25ff2ef57eac4
  5. The Pico's graphs just look much cleaner overall in terms of noise floor, etc. Distortion figures from RMAA should be viewed as relative and not absolute values in my opinion. RMAA has a reputation for producing distortion numbers that aren't really believable.
  6. Only way to do low values... c'mon, you know that's why you bought that HP
  7. Pars

    fucking crap

    Yeah... just remember until you are sure that it is fixed, don't touch it with both hands... one hand only. And make sure you have shoes on, and not on bare concrete, etc. The meter set to volts (AC) with one lead in a wall ground, other to the case would be pretty safe, as long as there is somewhere on the case that you could touch the one lead to without having to open it up, etc... could just go to the interconnect sleeve.
  8. I take it you picked up the HP3478 that was FS a bit ago? You get any kelvin leads for it? I've got a 3468B that I use and like alot. Built some 4-wire leads with some Mueller clips from Mouser and some banana plug test jumpers I had laying around... nice for matching resistors.
  9. Pars

    fucking crap

    Tube shit and 2-prong power cables reminds me of the image Reks posted:
  10. Pars

    fucking crap

    If the ground pin on the IEC connector is connected directly to the case, then this is correct (very common configuration). The point of this is safety... if something in the transformer/PSU/AC connection were to come in contact with the case, the case will short it back to the ground in the power cable. Should also blow the fuse as well. If your friend could check AC voltage between the ground point on the case and a wall outlet ground, that would tell you if you have any AC on the case. You said you got shocked again just from the interconnect? What does this interconnect go to? It might not be the DAC or whatever it is that you are checking now... could be another piece of equipment causing it. Many components have the interconnect grounds connected to the chassis as well.
  11. Pars

    fucking crap

    Probably not the power cable, though that should be an easy check... you have a meter (DMM)? If so, unplug the unit and with the DMM, set to ohms scale, check between the hot and ground and neutral and ground pins on the input AC connector with the switch off. Then try it with the power switch on (still unplugged ). You shouldn't see anything between hot and ground with the switch off. Neutral and ground, not sure... depends on how the chassis is tied to ground I think. With the switch on, you probably won't see anything either, other than maybe the transformer primaries. I would think if you had a short from hot to ground (chassis?), the fuse would blow...
  12. Pars

    AKG K271S

    Do you guys get the velours right from AKG or headamp? I wish AKG had an online site like Senn does....
  13. Pars

    AKG K271S

    I have a pair of these that I use at work with a Sony D33 and a Dynalo (although the D33 drives them surprisingly well). I like them but they are somewhat colored. Isolation is good though... I need to get a pair of the velour pads for mine.
  14. OH NOSE! Only 10!!!!! Pars = Tentlabs fanboy...
  15. Nice review. I hadn't seen the Resolution Audio player before. It is quite a bit more expensive, particularly with the mods, than the Cambridge, so good to see the 840 holding its own more or less (I guess... depends on perspective). I noticed that GNSC isn't very talkative on their web page regarding the mods they do (other than the usual jargon). Oh, and sorry to contribute to derailing your thread...
  16. Re: Philips = asshats Fortunately I have 2 spare CDM4/19s for my Rotel... original laser still works (bought new in ~1990), so I think I'm good there... I always wanted to buy/DIY whatever a transport with a CDM-Pro, particularly if I could do it like this: http://bergrans.despinnerij.nl/index.php?content=mechanics
  17. What is sad is Philips as a company has a track record of abysmal support, notably in the CD drive arena... hopefully they won't pull the plug on the CD-Pro2
  18. Pars


    Didn't Jeff Rowland use the AD815 in one of his preamps? Supposedly a really great sounding chip (I have a partially built CarlosFM AD815 pre board that I have listened to a bit, not enough to determine, but what I did hear sounded good...). Arguably high-end
  19. Pars


    I don't have a particular aversion to opamps and didn't say anything about them in my post...
  20. Pars


    Actually, sounds great is the goal. However, I would expect any commercial piece of gear that I plunk money down for to be well-engineered and well-built as well, and not to burn my house down (not a direct reference to the subject perp; more to stories I've read of the manufacturer of my preamp ).
  21. Pars

    TTVJ Blues

    I always love wiring the switched portion on the Neutrik HP jacks then wondering why the hell the phones don't work when I plug em in... Damn, there was signal there before...
  22. I never have... the sound just always "opens up" and becomes "more focussed", yada yada... That said, the manufacturer of my speaker amp (Odyssey) swears by burn in. I bought mine used, so never subjected myself to the process though.
  23. Sorry, just had to use that... In a single ended system, the output swings both positive and negative. For example, a sine wave will of 1Vpp will swing from 0.5V to -0.5V. In a balanced system, I believe the membrane is driven by both the + and - outputs at 180deg. phase difference? (could be wrong...). So one side is pushing the membrane and the other side is pulling it at the same time. I'll probably get crucified for this, but the only time I listened to HD650s was at a meet, both balanced and single ended... I didn't really care for them. Large symphonic was just too syrupy. Damn comfortable though.
  24. Ooops, sorry to bust your balls on it (having a hard time saying that given the pic below ) Casing and wiring is an ongoing thing, and I use/have used Cat5 etc. Like I said, sometimes it presents interesting problems. I find that everytime I open something I've built up, I think of better ways to do stuff. Then redo it the next time This is probably the biggest area of delta between DIY'ers and commercial manufacturers (tho I don't know if Ori really fits in there). Hard to justify the amount of money involved in the case/machining and board layout to fit said case design (well, unless you're KG ). I think that Justin does an awesome job since ditching the Gilmore V1/V2/lite V1 designs, and from a business perspective, the amount of labor required to wire panel components in his initial designs versus now with most if not all things board mounted and aligned with the case design has to save inordinate amounts of time, aggravation, and just presents a damn professional looking product. Same with Ray insofar as his cases go. Don't like the design aesthetics as well, but whatever...
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