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  1. George (gtp) showed how to correctly join a forum. He lurked for a while first to get the lay of the land, figured things out and then introduced himself. We'd have no noobie fun if they all did this. I see no reason for a special forum. Here's proof that it's easy to join Headcase without getting dumped on. I'd rather it be an intelligence test rather than a hand-holding experience. Besides, if we make it too easy, all the noobies on HF will soon be here too.
  2. Exercise equipment! First, Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells: and a Body-Solid EXM1500S home gym: I choose this gym because of its small footprint, uses a weight stack for resistance, it was very highly rated and, lastly, I got a great deal on it. Fortunately, the blond didn't come with it or I'd have to start my own "getting divorced" thread. I got my first workout today getting the gym and dumbbells up the 27 steps from our driveway to our front door and then into the house. See, it's already working.
  3. Does S^2 have a web site? If so, could you please publish the URL? Thx.
  4. If you would like a mini-RCA that is less expensive than any listed on Headroom, you can always go with Blue Jeans Cable. If you don't see exactly what you want, you can call them and ask them to make exactly what you want.
  5. If you plug a 701 into Voltron's SDS-XLR, it sounds damn fine. Especially if it has been balanced.
  6. If you lose taste or smell you'll no longer be enjoying any more Plinys, either Elder or Younger (Russian River Brewing Company). Are you sure you could give that up too?? Sure, I believe that!
  7. Me three! Honestly, this is the most fun audio website in which I've participated. Audioasylum was fun for me but nothing like this. I rarely visit it these days. HF was and remains to a lesser extent fun too! But this place is different than most forums. Thank goodness HF went down or I might never have found HC.
  8. Happy Birthday. :prettyprincess:
  9. I agree, Frank's amp looks great. But as good as it looks, it sounds even better!
  10. It depends on what you are like.
  11. I don't know anything about Websense but just read a bit in Wikipedia. Here is a pertinent paragraph: So yes, it also tracks where users are going. If you are worried, I suggest you read the entire Wikipedia entry and maybe other information that you can find on google. To think that I once felt guilty working on software for delivering targeted ads. That's nothing compared to this. All of the people that worked for this will be going to hell for sure. > P.S. The ad software was never released, so no harm was done.
  12. Hey George! Welcome to Head-case and sorry about your thin skin! You mean to say that your Mini-3 isn't still getting better? You probably didn't use a big enough capacitor in it. Or maybe you forgot to add the magic aging dust. We can have the next mini-meet as soon as I convince Frank Cooter to have it at his house. He has that small DIY amp that you and Hiroshi should hear. I should hear it again too. Then we can tell him about this place. He'll like the DIY emphasis here.
  13. guzziguy

    slow forum

    It's worth it though. The ladies are really impressed!
  14. Compared to the NWO, EMM stack and AN Dac-1, I'm afraid so. Somehow, I'll just have to find a way to be satisfied with my eXemplar Denon 2900. :'(
  15. Considering the wait list for an NWO 3.0G, you probably should put yourself on it now. You'll be ready for it (or whatever is next) by the time you reach the top of the list. >
  16. You mean besides mine, right? Here are my picks for the top three systems: Frank Cooter's DIY amp, Audio Alchemy/AN Dac1, HP-1 neilvg's fantasic electrostat setup, especially with HE90 Voltron's SDS-XLR with pretty much every dynamic headphone except AKG K340. They sound better on my system. That's good because that's what I have. Oh yeah, the Sony CD3000 doesn't sound great on it either. Every other dynamic headphone I've tried sounds better though.
  17. I found out on Saturday when I met him. I feel the exact same way! :prettyprincess:
  18. He had an old Audio Alchemy transport going into an Audio Note Dac 1. The good news for you is that he lives in Santa Barbara so you can probably arrange to be here some time to behold it. It's definitely worth the trip.
  19. Happy Birthday Dave. I hope that it was too "shocking" to be another year older!
  20. I can't make the comparison because I didn't listen to a K1000, but the HP-1 was fantastic. As I pointed out in the previous post, it's the first pair of Grados that I could love. The best news is that I discovered that Frank lives in Santa Barbara too. So hopefully I can invite myself over and listen to them again and again. For me, his amp was the star of the meet. :prettyprincess:
  21. Yep, I finally found some Grados that I could love, the HP-1000 series. I could be happy with either the HP-1 or HP-2. Unfortunately, neither my wallet nor my wife could be happy with them. Sigh.
  22. Minor correction. My wife said that he's 57 today. She's right. I looked it up and his birthday is January 30, 1951. Now back to our regularly scheduled dissing.
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