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  1. Thanks for the recommendations guys. I was looking through my boxes of dead players and found a new Toshiba combo DVD/VHS player. I seem to remember having one of them die so this is probably a replacement from Costco. I'll try to go easier on this one. Nate's idea of an on/off timer is a good one and I'll probably try that. If and when this fails, I'll either go with the Pioneer or an Oppo.
  2. It turns out the sometimes it doesn't matter if you save them or not. They just disappear.
  3. I often play a movie to help me fall asleep. Of course, this means that a DVD can run overnight or even for days at a time if I forget to remove the DVD. I've gone through a series of inexpensive (<$100) DVD players. They run fine for a couple of months and then I'll find the image frozen on the screen and the player will no longer initialize a DVD. I thought that maybe the laser lens was dirty so I took the most recent failure apart to see what was going on. It turns out that the drive will no longer spin the disk. The machine is a Toshiba SD-K840 (a Costco special) and the drive seems to be direct (i.e. no belt). I considered getting a new drive, but decided instead to buy a more robust player instead. I'm looking for a reliable DVD player that is < $200 (it would be better if < $150). It doesn't need to have great picture and sound quality. It just has to provide a decent picture and decent sound. What it needs to be able to do is last a while. Can anybody recommend such a beast? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  4. An Extreme will drive them. Also either a PPX3 Slam or MPX3 Slam will do it. I don't think that a non-Slam MPX3 will do a good job driving low impedance headphones.
  5. Is that before or after being cryo'ed?
  6. The weirdness has nothing to do with the location. It's the team!
  7. If all else fails, this approach is guaranteed to silence your PC:
  8. tkam won once the imaginary votes were counted. I casted a lot of imaginary votes for him!
  9. I'll wear them if one of those rich lawyers will buy them. Size 9 please.
  10. Just one look at my crazed nerdiness ought to be enough.
  11. Referring to the thread title, it would not be all that big of an upset if the Giants were to win. It would be nothing like Superbowl III, Colts vs. Jets.
  12. Nice. Are you working up to this as your ultimate tt? Careful, I heard that it has a bunch of Pioneer parts inside.
  13. I like the Odysseys too. I have one in my Guzzi. Unfortunately they don't make a replacement for either this battery or the one in my 1988 Honda Hawk GT. So they'll both have Westco batteries. Westcos are sturdy and work well. They have AGM architecture. Anything is better than Yuasa.
  14. Westco battery for Suzuki DRZ-400. I bought the bike used in July. Supposedly it had a new battery. Now it won't charge with a trickle charger. I hate Yuasa batteries.
  15. Ditto, except that I'd vote for David Grisman. Of course, drinking beer would be ok too!
  16. amb posted this in the DIY forum on HF this morning talking about it.
  17. How were the amps being powered for these graphs, battery or AC? I assume that both were being powered the same way.
  18. Went to see/hear Neil Young at the Nokia Theater in LA in November and Squirrel Nut Zippers at the Galaxy in OC in December. Both were excellent. The food at the Galaxy for so-so but guaranteed good seats.
  19. If you are interested in tube cdp's, you might also want to be on the lookout for used eXemplar modified Denons. I have jp#'s old unit and it's the best digital source that I've spent any real time with. I've only briefly listened to Meridian's and can't really compare the eXemplar sound with the Meridian sound.
  20. Vicki, I'm glad that Groucho is working out so well. Congratulations.
  21. It takes that long for them to recover from the New Year's Eve hangover! :'(
  22. Oops, how did I miss that thread? Or did you do it via PMs?
  23. I recently sold my DAC-AH to a fellow HC'er. It arrived in good shape, but he had the following issues with it: I received it back today, again in good shape. I briefly powered it up without making any audio connections and there was no tingling or any other feeling of electricity. I touched the case in multiple places, including the RCA sockets. When I was using the DAC, I never had any electrical problems. One difference is in how we used it. The buyer used an optical connection between his source and the DAC whereas I always used a COAX connection. I'd like to debug this without electrocuting myself. I have only very basic electric circuit knowledge and definitely need some help. Could anybody suggest what is happening here? Why did the buy have problems, even after changing power cord, electrical socket and RCA interconnects? Thanks in advance for your help.
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