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    It's not near a big enough deal to be deleted, even if someone would do it here.
  2. guzziguy


    I thought that your first response was appropriate. He then backed off a lot on his response. You escalated after that with the crying baby image. That was a bit much, don't you think?
  3. guzziguy


    Be nice. Mike probably just had a bad day in court.
  4. Great name Vicki. Pets always seem to name themselves. You might want to check if your vet has recently changed hands. If so, you may want to search for a new vet. Also, there is no reason for shots anymore. Our vet uses nose drops for all vaccinations. They are a little more expensive than shots, but it's easier on the animal and doesn't have the cancer risk that shots have. So you also may want to find a vet (they may do it on request) that does nosedrops instead of shots.
  5. guzziguy


    This isn't a good analogy. I understand that Jude's "employees" can't or at least shouldn't be doing it. A better one analogy would be if one of your customers told another customer that he also liked the bar down the street and that he should check it out. Would you then tell him to shut up or throw him out for that? I think Tyll's approach is better. He's not trying to grow or protect his piece of the pie. He's trying to grow the pie so that he gets a bigger piece. Others do too. Almost everybody here also is a member at Head-Fi. What "business" would he lose by allowing references to this forum. None that I can see. It appears to be much more of a personal thing. Personal things have no place in business. Edit: I see that Chekhonte and I saw the error in your analogy at the same time.
  6. Easy. You've been admiring his work on the M3 rebuild in the DIY forum. I'm not sure I could say "no". But I can't speak for Nate.
  7. You know, if you can give a good sob story to Nate, he'll rebuild it for you. If your story is really good, he might even recase it.
  8. guzziguy


    Sometimes on HF you'll see references to "the site that must not be named". That site is HC. If you try to put "head-case" in a message, the checker won't let you do it. If somehow you are able to reference HC, that message quickly gets deleted. Jude has insisted that this site not be mentioned and that nobody publicize HC using HF resources. I don't understand why (even knowing the history), but HF is his site and he can run it anyway he wants.
  9. Our three cats all respond to their names and come when I call or whistle (about 90% of the time). They were brought up this way and I don't remember it ever taking very long for them to figure it out. Considering how this cat has adopted you, how about "Buddy" as a name?
  10. Did you get to see "WKRP in Cincinnati"? That was another great series.
  11. Too much work. Since these are for imaginary head-casers, I'll be casting imaginary votes from here on in.
  12. I would, but this stupid poll will only let me vote once. What's up with that?
  13. Damn! That means that you must have missed "Happy Days", from whence "Joanie Loves Chachi" spun off. It was a great show.
  14. I thought it was called the "Depredation"! I guess that I'm going to have to start paying attention.
  15. Happy New Year! Hopefully I'll get to meet some of you characters at MOA.
  16. I just checked out the Pico vs. Predator thread on HF. It appears that Ray's post has been deleted. I searched in the amplifiers section and Ray hasn't made any posts in the last 2 days.
  17. He is a cutie and looks to be very content in your house. Have you sexed "him" yet? You say "he" so if you have, it's a male. Is he neutered too? Hopefully you'll find that nobody has lost him or claims him. He looks like a keeper to me.
  18. I suppose that the notches in the cover for the two volume knobs is a design "feature". However, it looks like they made a mistake in the mechanical case design and decided it was cheaper to cut the notches than to redesign the case.
  19. Thanks all for your replies. Things have turned a bit. My friend has a friend at Logitech that can get him a Transporter for $1K. It looks like he'll take that route. I think that's smart. He can always get a better DAC later.
  20. You were right Nate. I found them on www.sennheiserusa.com and ordered two of them myself. It's part #92595. For anyone interested, you can find them here: http://www.sennheiserusa.com/newsite/productdetail.asp?transid=092595.
  21. Congratulations Vicki! Cats generally choose their people rather than the other way around. This one has chosen you, such an honor. I'm sure that you two will be blindingly happy together, just keep him indoors. I'm very happy for you. Can't wait to see the pictures!
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