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  1. Hey Ed, I need one for my "new" AE-2. Can you please post from where you bought them? Maybe you'd like to sell one of yours to me? -ken
  2. I was wine tasting at the Longoria tasting room in Los Olivos, CA and noticed that they carried a brand of CDs that I'd never seen before, Putumayo World Music. So I bought "Tango Around the World". I'll listen to it tonight. Would anybody like to share their opinions of Putumayo? I'd have linked to a picture of the CD "cover", but couldn't find one anywhere. Well, not one that would be easy to access. Last week I also bought the following used CDs: Melissa Etheridge - Brave and Crazy Sara McLachlan - Solace Mama Cass Ellliot - Mama's Big Ones K.D. Lang - All You Can Eat Total cost for the used CDs was about <$21 including tax.
  3. Jack Johnson All of his songs sound the same to me. Boring, boring, boring.
  4. Wait! What about the pretty princess? :prettyprincess:
  5. Hi Earl, What's the problem with leaving on units with zap filter output stages? Is it only a problem if there is no connection to amp? I like to keep my CD players turned on and don't want to kill my SACDMod E5 by doing that. -ken
  6. For open headphones, I'd suggest Alessandro MS-1. They might not be sturdy enough though. You can only order them direct from dhttp://www.alessandro-products.com/headphones.html. For closed headphones, I'd suggest Panasonic RP-HTX7. You can mail order them from a number of places and might be able to get them locally.
  7. Great story! See, I said parrots think for themselves!
  8. After reading this, my parrots asked me to tell you that they are insulted being compared to sheep! Seriously though, I have a Macaw that definitely thinks and speaks for himself. He understands and speaks a small subset of English and doesn't just repeat what we say. He knows at least 100 words and uses most of them appropriately, including some 4 letter words. Edit: Oops. Didn't notice how old this thread was. Sorry.
  9. Hey, I know where you can get a used Linn at probably a reasonable price! >
  10. If something makes you happy, it's pretty much a necessity. So enjoy and don't worry about it.
  11. I love the color scheme that you choose. If I get a Pico, I'll order the "Ed Wood Special".
  12. Started the year with E5 > PPX3 Slam > Headphile modded K340. Then I upgraded the PPX3 Slam to an Extreme Platinum with BG output caps. Ordered Leopardwood Darth Beyers to use as a "fun" phones. Next I decided to upgrade the source. Had Matt @ SACDMods do his stuff on the E5. While waiting for Matt to do the modding, JP#'s eXemplar Denon 2900 came up for sale and I bought it. It had a minor problem that required me to send it to eXemplar. While there, I had them add all remaining mods. This beats the modded E5 by quite a bit. The E5 has been moved to my speaker setup. So now I have: eXemplar Denon 2900 > Extreme Platinum > K340 | Darth Beyers
  13. I just thought of more questions and can't tell from the pictures. What are you using for footers and where did you get them. Were they at Home Depot too?
  14. Merry Xmas to all celebrating it and Happy Holidays to all. Have a great time and try not to take life too seriously. After all, it's not like you get out of it alive!
  15. It looks like you didn't use neoprene washers as TNT suggests. Is that the case? If so, do you notice any vibration issues? I would guess not as you've built a Flexy before, but just wanted to make sure.
  16. You probably just killed the "feel hangover" part of your brain! Ah, now I understand. You're a young squirt. At my age, hangovers often last two days, so only having a slight hangover that quickly went away is pretty good for me.
  17. Me neither, since I meant to say "by Matt" rather than "my Matt". <sigh>
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