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  1. in 10 years maybe..there's nothing wrong with leaving it uncovered
  2. i agree, no harm in leaving it exposed if you will eventually clean it
  3. old caps are the best. one of my first ever DIY projects was with caps from my dad's 1970s parts bin. Caps blew up. Dad wasn't happy. Some people just can't throw out old things..
  4. yeah, but what if i put in Bybees and stopped washing the flux off my circuit boards? i'll just leave this here. that's the name of the part.
  5. i don't want a wicked in-ear deuce in my ear
  6. seconding the klipsch but i don't know if there's anything better these days
  7. Ive never asked if she can hear my speakers. I dont want her to start listening for it and having another thing to complain about Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. The old lady who lives below me would disagree. I have to take away plastic dog toys at night. And i have a cork floor on top of the concrete. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. not sure if this was covered, but you also want to set your Center channel to 'small' even if you have no sub, this way the LF are passed to your left/right which are almost certainly better for that task
  10. I might come as an attendee. What day is best? Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  11. lol...seller is going the "my listing said no returns!" route. so i've started an eBay return which leads to a dispute if it's not accepted. don't think this person knows how the internets work..
  12. if the seller is interested, they can give me $1100 for a new 54cm frame, plus what it costs for a LBS to build a bike, and i'll ship back the scratched smaller frame. but that seems unlikely to happen
  13. well, to make things worse, i just measured the bike as i thought it looked a little small and i can't find a size label anywhere on the frame after checking the dimensions of the frame from Surly, i don't believe this is a 54cm, but is a 50 or 52. worst. seller. ever.
  14. im much closer than montana, $80 would be low for LBS packing, but that's no excuse for throwing an assembled bike into a cardboard box
  15. having some issues trying to quote posts i got the Surly bike today. It was inside a box for a Specialized box (ok, no problem). it was shipped fully assembled (handlebars on) with the front wheel detached. By the time i got it, the racks had come off, and damage has occurred to the frame paint/graphics, almost all the cables, possibly more. nothing was wrapped AT ALL or tied down. the shipper is an idiot. for a $80 shipping fee i expected a bike shop would pack it.
  16. also it looks like saturday would be the better day
  17. not yet. looking for a final count
  18. just bought this as a touring/travel bike - Surly Travelers Check. it's the same frame as the Surly Cross Check but with SS couplers.
  19. ok, so maybe Dusty and Ben. jeff? let's try to plan on a day/time - i assume saturday and/or sunday. i do have room if someone wanted to stay overnight.
  20. if you were ever able to come, i'll post something well in advance. just a last minute thing now if there's interest
  21. Peter is on his way here for several days. Anyone want to stop by that weekend?
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