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  1. Looks beefy. Do you know how much boost he is pushing? And I like it with the hood on with that center intake. Running 1/8 mile or 1/4?
  2. Aquarius Toby Lee 2021 Young guitar player - Example:
  3. Now I want all of my amps felt lined 🔥🔥😱
  4. Not the Girl Holly Macve 2021 Strong Chris Isaac vibe - that is a good thing. Example:
  5. Cheers Sir Stretch -- Happy Birthdays
  6. Dangerous Levels of Introspection JP Saxe 2021 Example:
  7. Trending #2 - right behind the Apple event. (edit - Trending #1 - over apple) And this was a clip that I was looking for.
  8. I cannot remember why - but I literally watched that in it's entirety two weeks ago (not knowing his condition). RIP again to Norm, for being relentless and fearless.
  9. I cannot seem to stop watching clips. David loved him
  10. RIP to a fearless storyteller.
  11. On This Perfect Day Guilt Machine 2009
  12. ^^watched live. Funny, I just found State Azure last week and subscribed. I came across them because of a Tangerine Dream cover. I have enjoyed the livestreams.
  13. Blue Hour: Mendelssohn Edition Andreas Ottensamer, Yuja Wang, Julien Quentin, Schumann Quartett, Gunars Upatnieks 2021 Example:
  14. Part concert vid, part anime. Trailer:
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