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  1. I needed the internets to keep up with all the different groups.
  2. penger

    Cool Stuff

    Yeah... their stuff definitely costs a pretty penny.
  3. penger

    Cool Stuff

    I was browsing the web and found something I thought is pretty cool, but couldn't find an existing thread to post it in. So here goes... http://www.urbanhardwoods.com/ All their stuff is done using reclaimed wood. I saw the "Day with Tim Lincecum" piece on CSN where he shows off his apartment in Seattle, and he mentions where he got what I think is a pretty badass table. Just thought I'd share. Maybe this thread could be used to post random cool stuff--audio, tech, or otherwise that we find.
  4. Just saw this on the Zu Audio blog. http://zuaudio.blogspot.com/2011/03/zu-sl-1200-turntable.html?ref=nf Stuff looks cool, no clue how those prices stack up though.
  5. I'm okay with subs. I actually saw that at least some of the episodes are available on BBC Four... but it says UK only.
  6. Has anyone see Forbrydelsen? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0826760/ Was looking into "The Killing" on AMC and discovered it was a remake. If so, where to watch?
  7. The ending to the Arizona v. Texas game from last round was crazy. Williams was clutch at the end, Texas not so much. If you believe in momentum, that might have helped them against Duke.
  8. My bracket is shot. And Kemba vs Jimmer is a tough question. Yesterday on ESPN, Vitale said it's like choosing between Scarlett Johansson and Halle Berry. lol But if I had to pick one it might bet Jimmer... his game as a catch and shoot guy might translate to the NBA a little better if they take the ball out of his hands. That's just for the sake of giving an answer though.
  9. Couldn't link another way.
  10. Hrm... I don't know what the actual sheet music for this looks like, but when I listen to the the Ysaye, I feel like they're rushing through it or in a hurry. It is my personal preference? I used to play piano back in the day and there used to be a fine line between rushing through a piece and being quick.
  11. Really like this but Fry Street Quartet doesn't have a recording of this. Any ideas on a version to pick up?
  12. I agree. I've gotten pretty close to the 250GB a few times... I read the acceptable usage policy and apparently if they warn you once and you go over again within a 12 month period, they cancel your service and you're banned for a year. But at least comcast at home is faster than the internet at work...
  13. Tron Legacy Soundtrack via Grooveshark
  14. Thanks for the impressions. I like that it works with speakers as well. How different is this amp from the ZDT? Slightly off topic, but how many amps does Craig have that are not listed on the website? There was the Equilibrato(?) but I seem to recall it didn't work out from a cost/production standpoint.
  15. penger

    Top Gear

    The last race didn't have the tension or intrigue that the old ones did either. =/
  16. I personally don't have a problem with pitching in to help cover the costs, but I'm of the opinion that it should be optional for those who attend. Sorta like "Hey, I really enjoyed the meet you put together, here's something to help you cover the costs."
  17. Yeah I was thinking the same, but didn't want to say so at first in case I misremembered. That's a pretty big turn off. =/
  18. Was this the meet that originally required a $10 entrance fee?
  19. I have "iStat" but I'm not sure it does monthly. http://bjango.com/mac/istatmenus/
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